6 Envelope Printing Pointers

A successful business is more than having the trendiest and most effective marketing strategies. There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of online ads, social media, and email marketing. However, you still have to consider the effectiveness and importance of traditional tools. Even in today high tech business owner, the traditional marketing tools still have their important purpose.

A good example of these traditional tools that need to be present in businesses today is the envelope. There was a time when envelope printing was a requisite in every business in the market. Because they need to send letters, bills, receipts, and other correspondences to their customers and prospects, they require the help of this material. But with the advancement in technology, the envelopes have somehow reduced in importance. Because an email doesn’t require an envelope, less and less businesses have invested on this material. Nonetheless, this remains an important marketing tool that will let your promote your brand effectively.

If you intend to invest in print marketing and want to create custom printed envelopes, here are the important things you need to consider:

What size should you use? Envelopes come in different sizes. They are measured in terms of “C” sizes. The most common sizes are C3 (458mm by 324mm), C4 (324mm by 299mm), and C5 (229mm by 162mm). Your choice of size will depend on your need.

Should you create windows? You can opt for a window or windowless design. If you require both styles, you can create them both.

The type of paper to use. You have to make sure the paper used is sturdy and high quality. Because your envelope will likely be passed on to different hands and machines, a high grade paper will make sure that the material don’t crumple or tear off easily. You can also opt for colored paper. You can use off-white, beige, or grey papers.

Color to incorporate. If you intend to print your logo and slogan on your material, you have to decide well on the colors you will use. It is best if you use the same colors you used on your other marketing materials. This will help you promote brand awareness and recognition.

Hire a professional printing company. Even if you have the means to print your envelopes on your own, it is still best to get them printed professional. There are plenty of print shops today that will give you high quality printing. You can either hire an online or offline printer. Whichever you pick, you have to make sure that your envelope templates will be in good hands.

Look at postage regulations. If you opt for custom envelope printing, you have to make sure that your local post office will accept oversized or embellished mails. It will help if you get to know the regulations in your area first so you don’t waste money and effort in creating the wrong envelopes.

As an effective marketing material, well designed envelopes will surely bring good results to your business. Of course, you have to create a design that will promote your brand best and give you the first impression that you want. Envelopes don’t require a lot of investment. Even with a meager budget, you can effectively create the perfect design that will put your business on top of your customer’s mind.

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