Unique Birthday Invitations

At long last! A year has passed and your baby’s first birthday is arriving. Here at PurpleTrail our designers share your excitement, and have created a wide variety of first birthday party invitations that range from cute and pink, to cool and boyish. Personalize any of our designs and send friends and family brilliant first birthday invitations for your child’s very first birthday party. You can customize any of our designs specifically to your tastes – showcasing every detail that you wish.

There’s an unlimited amount of possibilities you can create for your baby’s first birthday card – and PurpleTrail will help you make the best first impression! Yazmine, our design intern showcase a few of her favorites from our First Birthday Invitations collection.

1. Elephant First Birthday Party Invite


A very cute first birthday invitation! With very inviting colors of brown and teal, this design is fun to personalize for a girl’s birthday. The combination of fonts makes for a playful and easygoing feeling throughout the invitation.


2.  Navy and Gray Dinosaur 1st Birthday Invitation


This cool first birthday invitation is perfect for your little one’s first birthday. This simplistic design showcases your baby’s picture with some dinosaur friends in a very masculine palette.  The cleverly placed dinosaurs make use the space of the invitation well and allows all elements to be balanced and shine.


3.  Winter One Derland First Birthday Invite


A design catered specifically towards those born in the season of winter – what better way to let others know of your child’s upcoming first birthday than also sending them summer wedding invitations? Penguin embellishments give this first birthday invitation a playful feel and the bright hints of pinks and red really give this card a pleasant feelf.


4.  Bright Blue Birthday


This simple and delightfully first brown invitation is flexible enough to be used either for a boy, or girl’s birthday party. Light pastels of blues and greens, with accented browns create a very clean appearance. Two of your favorite pictures can be featured on this card, and both are framed by an embellishment showing a family a birds, which is carried through the entire design.


Thanks Yazmine for this peek into PurpleTrail’s collection of orange invitations.  We hope you all have a fabulous first birthday celebration.

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