Mobile Solutions Influence How You Buy Things

You may recall the years when you had no choice but to have paper money . Then you started using credit cards. Now, having mobile solutions, you could let our smartphones to make payments for products. Actually, we can’t pay for every service or product using phones at the moment, however all is likely to change in the upcoming years.

In many countries, mobile money transfers are increasingly widespread. Actually, mobile financial services are even more widespread in certain developing countries, such as in Asia and Africa, versus the United States. This may sound weird at first glance, yet it makes perfect sense, come to think of it. Paying through a phone, we can skip the credit card. Therefore, in regions where bank accounts aren’t available, mobile payments work well.

Paying by SMS have been present for a number of years, thus the concept of paying with a cellphone isn’t that innovative. Still, as cellphones and mobile solutions advance, new and interesting opportunities come forth. Recently, Near Field Communications have gained attention and numerous users already began utilizing this method of payment. In case you don’t know about it, NFC allows users to transfer data by bringing a phone to a special tag, such as at the store’s check-out. This is achieved using radio frequencies transmitted within a short range. Recent phone models are enabled with this technology and support an NFC chip.

Having numerous mobile payment solutions currently out there, and even more in development, it looks like mobile applications are changing our conventional money transfers. In the upcoming years, there will be no need to carry around debit cards, paper money, discount cards – all of it will be included in your mobile phone.

This article was written by Lionel Mehill. He has been working in a software development company for many years, having a particular interest in android application development.

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