5 Tricks For Invitations With iPhone And iPad Designs

It always pays to get the best looking trendy layouts for your color invitations. Not only will people generally like your invitations, but also, they might even keep it as a collectible, or even show it to others. One of the best ideas to make your invitations look trendy these days is to match some of those digital design mediums and apply them to your own invitation designs. The most popular design themes of course nowadays are designs in iPhones and iPads.

In this special guide, you will learn five special design tricks that will help you redesign those full color invitations, and make them look a bit like the sleek user interface designs of the iPhone and iPad. People will respond positively to your invitations for sure just because of this very modern theme. So learn from the five design tricks below and if possible apply them to your own styled graduation invitations, party invitations and other special event invitations.

1. Overhaul your background

First up, you may want to overhaul your background. A blank or pure color backgrounds is not the typical design concept for most iPhones and iPads. They have a desktop wallpaper of sorts in their main screens as the background.

In invitation printing, this means, you are required to use a more interesting type background beyond just the ones that are colored by one pure color. Use a more dynamic type theme or texture that alters the hues and lightness/brightness of the background. This adds a more natural and interesting look overall for your full color invitations.

2. Create and adopt bright sleek icons and graphics

Look at the layout designs of those APPLE mobile devices and you will discover that they of course use lots of supporting graphics and icons. More particularly, these icons and graphics use a more brighter and sleeker type of theme that exudes energy while at the same time helping people understand what is happening. You can try and replicate this same feature in your own invitations full color.

Just make sure that you use the right supporting graphics and icons in the right places and people will actually like and appreciate what your invitations are doing. For example, you can create icons that represent the date, the place, the time and the other specific details of the event that your invitations are promoting. With iPhone style icons, people will be impressed and respond more favourably to these prints.

3. Download and use Apple Font styles

To quickly apply iPhone or iPad type themes to your color invitations, you can actually simply download and use font styles that are characteristically used by APPLE devices. Many of these types of fonts can be downloaded from free sites in the Internet. Some are even based from iPhone text but are a bit more creative. By using all these font styles for your invitation content, people will get a very modern looking type of invitation that is engaging enough, just like a professional email or text message.

4. Refine designs with shadows, glows and embossing techniques

The secret to that sleek modern look for mobile devices is the refinements in the design. They do not just use text blocks and icons. They have other special effects done such as shadow effects and flow effects.

Other similar color invitations miss this as they are more focus on the material paper. That is why you should try this design upgrade out for your own modern invitations. You should easily match that modern sleek theme that iPads and Iphones use with these special effects.

5. Add glossy coatings for paper

As the final refining feature to turn your invitation designs to something similar to iPhones, you may want to add glossy coatings to the paper material that your invitations will be printed in. Many invitation printers should be able to do this per order. Specify this and you should get glossy finishes to your invitation paper that is just like the “touch screens” on iPhones. This will be a quaint final effect to fully finish an iPhone style design for your invitations. So try it out and see how it will look.

As you can see, there are plenty of simple tricks to fully form that iPhone or iPad theme for your invitations. It is pretty easy and it will be pretty useful for your objectives. Do not be afraid to try these tricks out.

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