Things to Consider in Postcard Printing and Marketing

If you want to be known for sending out only the best high quality postcards, you would have to follow certain standards when it comes to your postcard templates and your postcard printing. This means that you will inevitably be faced with choices that would either have you distributing your custom postcards to the market or scrapping the batch and going back to the drawing board. It seems like such a waste of commercial printing product, not to mention the commercial printing company’s effort, but that is how business goes and experienced commercial printing customers will tell you something to the same degree. Thus, if you want to know how to decide whether to mail your full color postcards and photo postcards or to bail out, here are some things to consider.

1. Impact and Design. Postcards are one of the most direct commercially printed materials when it comes to their purpose. This is because customers are immediately bombarded by the color quality as well as the beauty of the image printed whenever they receive or send out one. This means that the main considerations when it comes to postcard printing are how well and how significantly the postcard will be able to catch a customers’ attention as well as how well it will maintain it. This is simple enough to gauge, so if you have a relatively skilled designer, you would most probably end up mailing your postcards. Any less than this, though, would mean that you would have to look for another designer or change your strategy entirely. Quality print design is a must.

2. Collectability. Postcards are one of the most sought-after when it comes to collectors. Thus, if you want to know whether your postcard is good enough, you should try to determine whether it is collectable or “trashable”. In order to do this, you would have to be aware of what collectors look for when it comes to their postcards, and at first this may seem like such a daunting task especially since there are quite a lot of fields and groups when it comes to postcard collection—properly termed as Deltiology. Not to worry, though, because focusing on certain groups will definitely ease up your workload.

3. Information. There are certain types of postcards that focus on relaying information to people and teaching them about certain places and events. The most notable type of postcard that fits this description are the historical postcards, and with these postcards the information as well as the beauty of the design play important roles in the attraction of customers and collectors. Far from cluttering up your postcard templates with too much data, though, you should take care to find the balance between imagery and text in order to maximize the potential of your cards.

Even if postcards are cheap postcards, it does not necessarily mean that you should mail them out at once. There is more to printing postcards, after all, than putting random images on a piece of card and mailing them out to different people. If you are any good and skilled with commercial printing, you would know how to tell the good cards from the bad and make quick decisions regarding your marketing strategy.

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