Flyers That Have iPhone-Like Styles: 5 Design Steps

So you want your flyers to have the same sleek and popular design style just like the graphics on the iPhone or even the iPad? Well, here are the key design steps that you can apply to your full color flyers to do just that. These steps are not too hard and complicated so you do not have to worry even if you are a novice to printing flyers.

Just make sure though that you review these strategies carefully and apply them accurately into your flyer printing service. So read carefully and make sure you take note of all the important steps to apply this to your full color flyers.

1. Utilize Icon symbols frequently

Of course, you should have noticed that iPhones and iPads use a lot of icons and supporting graphics. This is their nature of course so that they can communicate key pieces of information quickly. You will be doing your custom flyers a service if you can also utilize icons and symbols like that. If you truly want that sleek and modern look, these icons can contribute greatly since of course they are the usual features of this kind of modern theme.

So whenever it is applicable in your color printing designs, try to add that extra creative icon, symbol or even small caricature graphic. They will help make your full color flyers look engaging and of course help communicate key pieces of information better.

2. Use lighter and brighter color schemes

A very obvious feature in most iPhone and iPad themes is the lighter and brighter color schemes. Unless otherwise altered, sleek color themes from these devices usually have a light and bright energy to them. What this means for you is that you should also aim for brighter and lighter color themes in your flyer printing. No more neutral or subdued colors. Bright and energetic is the game to engage readers, excite them and of course impress them with your iPhone like color theme in your custom flyers.

3. Format text with Apple font styles

If you want, you can also just simply download APPLE style fonts from the Internet and apply them to all your flyer text. Some font websites on the Internet do offer iPhone or iPad like text fonts that you can download and use for free. Using them should immediately add that APPLE-like theme to all your text elements, already giving you that modern sleek look that you want for your text content.

4. Add shadow, emboss and glow effects

Analyze the icons, text and graphics carefully in iPhones, and you will see that most of them have other special effects such as shadows, simulated embossing and simulated glow effects. Luckily for you, it is easy to add all these to your graphic flyer designs. Some simple Adobe Photoshop enhancements can already do all these graphic enhancements to all your design features. So apply them and get your flyer designs looking more modern and detailed.

5. Use glossy paper materials

You should inquire about flyer printing services that lets their customers avail of printing flyers with glossy paper materials. this is because those glossy type paper materials can be your final feature in your custom flyer printing that makes them look comparable to those hi-tech iPhones and iPads. That glossy finish can be that “touch screen” equivalent that makes your flyers look pretty posh and sleek. So invest in glossy paper materials to gain that real material shine with your flyers.

So? Just follow all these design steps, and you should be able to quickly reconfigure your flyer designs into a sleeker form, akin to the design themes of iPhones and iPads. Test it out and see for yourself.

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