Download and stream video to Kindle Fire for watching on TV

Kindle Fire is one of the popular tablets in 2011, the main competitors of iPad 2. And now, it is 2012 already, Kindle Fire is still a hot topic. One of the topics for Kindle Fire is how to download and stream video to Kindle Fire. Quick recently I saw an article by Amazon, telling us how to download, stream and transfer video to Kindle Fire. Here, I’d like to share with all of you.

There are two methods provided, one is “Accessing Content in Amazon Cloud”, the other is “Downloading and Transferring Fires via USB”.

Download and Stream Video to Kindle Fire

“Accessing Content in Amazon Cloud”
You can choose to access your content (if you have already download to Kindle Fire ) through the Cloud, while your Kindle Fire is connected via Wi-Fi, or to download your content to your device for easy access even when your device isn’t connected wirelessly. To watch Amazon Instant Video content offline, tap Download to save the video to your Kindle Fire to watch later.

“Download and Transferring Fires via USB”
There are many articles on the Internet talking about how to transferring video files to Kindle Fire, but many of them failed to give a definite answer. In fact, you can transfer a variety of content like music, videos, photos, and documents from a Windows or Mac computer to your Kindle Fire through a USB cable (sold separately). When your Kindle Fire is plugged into your computer, it will appear as a removable mass-storage device.
Note: Personal content transferred to your Kindle Fire is only stored on your device and not archived in Amazon Cloud.

Kindle Fire supported video formats:

Kindle Fire support a few video files that are free of digital rights management software, including H.263 (.3gp, .mp4), H264 AVC (.3gp, .mp4), MPEG 4 SP/ASP (.3gp), VP8 (.webm). If you want to play video on Kindle Fire, you will need to make sure you video files are among these video formats, otherwise, you need to convert your video to Kindle Fire supported formats.

However, have you ever considered transfer your Kindle Fire videos that are already downloaded onto your computer to your TV or HDTV? Just imagine how wonderful watching your favourite Kindle Fire videos on the wide screen TV with your family or friends. Is it possible? Yes, probably, but you need to get familiar with your TV or HDTV, what’s the resolution, what’s the supported streaming video format, and how to connect your Kindle Fire video to your computer.

Due to the difference of aspect ratio between computer and your TV, you may need to convert your video files to the proper format with correct resolution and video, audio settings for your TV. This is what Kindle Fire to TV Converter for mac can do. With a few steps: add video, select output format, convert (necessary settings if possible). Besides converting Kindle Fire video to TV supported video formats, Mac Kindle Fire to TV Converter is also able to convert Kindle Fire MP4, H.264, MPEG4 video to other popular files like AVI, WMV, MPG, MOV, FLV, 3GP, MKV etc.

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