What You Need to Revise for Your Business Envelopes

Think your cheap envelopes for business last year is still good for this New Year 2012? Well think again. Not all custom envelopes can work well on the same consecutive years. No one can guarantee that because the tastes and preferences of audiences change so much and so quickly.

To make your business envelopes actually work this 2012, you will want to update certain key features of it for the better. In this article, we will tell you about all the things that you will need to update in your envelope printing and design. Once you can apply these to your discount envelopes, you can at lease guarantee a decent performance from these typical business envelopes.

1. The main color theme – The most visible, and perhaps one of the most important things to update when it comes to your colored envelopes is its main color theme. That’s right! Most envelopes are either white because of the paper, or have distinct color designs to make them more distinct. If you used the same color theme that you used in your last batch of cheap envelope printing, you will of course risk making a similar looking envelope that people will not pay attention as much. So do not use the same old used up colors. Update your color themes when you are printing discounted envelopes this New Year.

2. The contact details – All business envelopes of course have additional contact details added along with the sender details that gets printed with them. For your new 2012 envelopes, it will be a good idea to update those additional contact details with the most current information, along with additional elements such as social networking handles and pages. This of course helps you get ALL the key responses that you want in a faster way since all the contact details will have options for people to easily respond to. So review your contact information and make sure that everything you need is all in there with the custom envelope content.

3. The font style – Before you finalize your design for 2012 envelopes, it will be important for you to also update the font styles used in their content. While technically you can still use the same old fonts you used last year, it will be better for you to distinguish between the past design style and the new design style using new fonts for all the text content in your envelopes. By doing this before you print those quality cheap envelopes, you can make these prints visibly different when compared to the past types of envelopes you give out. People will consider these new envelope mails as something new that will be worth opening.

4. The supporting graphics – From logos, borders, line dividers, graphic backgrounds and many other types of graphics, all of these should be re-rendered and updated as you print those new batches of color envelopes for the New Year. Using the same old graphic styles while still practical will only make the mail looking like the standard type of business mail that your readers see every day since last year. That new look and of course those trendier graphics should change that look and will get them more engaged with your envelope content.

5. The inks and paper – Lastly, you should try to also update the ink choices and the paper choices made for your envelope printing. While they have probably been set for the cheapest price, for this New Year, it would be good to at least increase the quality of some of the more crucial elements like the paper or inks. If your paper were a little bit thicker, and the inks a little bit glossier, it should help your whole envelope look a lot more high quality, giving it a chance to impress people all the more effectively.

That should cover all the important updates that you will need for your business envelopes 2012. Try as much as you can to apply all these critical changes to make your office envelopes more effective and of course trendier looking for your readers.

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