Announces Undiscovered Idol Announces Undiscovered Idol, A New Reality Music Competition, Open Call For Entries For Original Music Groups And Solo Artists Starts Now

An Open Call for original Bands and Solo Artists of all musical genres is starting now for Undiscovered Idol, a new type of reality music competition. 288 Vroom, creators of over 25 top-selling iPhone apps, is bringing the reality music competition to the next frontier, mobile devices. Musicians do NOT need a mobile device to participate. Musical Artists should visit to submit. announces the start of an open call for entries for original bands and solo artists of all musical genres for a new reality music competition, Undiscovered Idol. Original bands and solo artists should visit the website to enter and submit their music at no cost.

The competition and website was created by 288 Vroom LLC, creators of over 25 top-selling iPhone and iPad apps and the competition is their next app, which is also called Undiscovered Idol. It’s possible that Undiscovered Idol is the first reality music competition meant specifically for the mobile platform and that makes for some interesting possibilities. “The iPhone is a great platform for a competition like this because tens of millions of people are using iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads every day. The app will give users the unique ability to not only listen to what the producers of the competition may like, but they can listen to and vote for any artist in the app. The users really will control the competition. Plus, you never know whose listening, really anyone could get discovered on the app even if no one ever votes for them,” said G.L. Levine, founder of 288 Vroom.

The app itself has already been approved for sale by Apple and will be released in the AppStore towards the end of January. The app will be ninety-nine cents and that single purchase will give users unlimited access to all the music and features within in the app, no other purchase will be necessary. Along with music, the app will also give users the ability to vote for their favorite songs pushing the most voted for songs to the top of the Undiscovered Idol charts.

Musicians do not need a smart phone or a mobile device to enter. Original bands and solo musical artists can now visit to submit their original music and information about themselves such as their bio, website, and an icon. It is also free for musicians to submit their music and info to the competition.

For complete information and to submit your original music for the Undiscovered Idol app and competition visit the website at


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