How to Update Your Postcards for this Year

For 2012, it is a must that you update your cheap postcards, most especially if they are meant for direct mail marketing. You cannot have postcards that are static and unchanging because they will just eventually fizzle out and fail. So for this year, you should prioritize updating some of the key features of your postcards to make them more updated and trendy for the upcoming challenges in your market.

To ease you in on what to update for your postcards, here is the list of key features that you will need to update first. Once you covered changing and updating these in your postcard printing, you will be sure to get quality postcards ready for the challenges of the New year.

1. Make pictures trendier and more targeted – Of course, one of the initial features you must update full color postcards are its images. You cannot use the same old images you gave to those postcard printing services of course. In fact, for this New Year, you will want to use special types of photographs and graphics that look more trendy, and of course handpicked specifically to appeal to your target readers. You NOT ONLY want to look like other similar cheap postcards that have pretty pictures, you will also WANT to have those precise targeted images that brings in optimized results from most of your audiences. That is why you should try and enhance and re-shoot all your images and graphics to be totally optimized for your readers.

2. Write more compelling targeted titles – Luckily for you, this update step does not really add any extra cost. So even in cheap postcard printing, you can try and update your postcard titles and of course get a better postcard out of it for 2012. The basic thing that you must do is to rewrite your title and of course try another kind of marketing or slogan approach. Most especially, you must try again to write something that will have a more intense reaction from your target readers. The more you talk about the concerns and preferences of these target audiences, the more adapted your custom postcards are for the New Year. So make sure you review your titles and write something that is more compelling and of course more impressive than last year.

3. Update to more current font styles – A great simply way to update and upgrade your custom postcards for 2012 is for you to adjust its fonts. Fonts are of course a defining feature in postcards as it actually contributes a lot to the establishment of the theme. You will want to use new style fonts that are still a bit uncommon in the public to make these special prints look distinct and of course worth reading. So try and get a few of the newest font styles out there for your postcard designs. If possible, you might even want to pay for custom fonts if you like.

4. Use larger templates – An emerging trend for this New Year are larger type direct mail marketing prints. Larger is of course a lot more noticeable, and typically they will be read most of the time just because of the sheer size. That is why you should consider using larger templates for your custom marketing postcards.

5. Upgrade paper choices – Lastly, you should try out updating your postcard printing materials, more particularly the paper. You should have tons of options when it comes to paper and if it is possible, always try to get the thicker and smoother type materials that are a level up on the materials you used for postcard printing last year. This helps you add some improvements to the card, making it a lot better than the past kinds of postcards. So ask your postcard printing service and see if there are great new upgrades you can go for.

Now you are ready to update your postcards for 2012. Use this list as your best reference guide to printing them in the most updated and enhanced manner. Good Luck!

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