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In Dubai, modes of public transport are limited and having a car in Dubai is a must if you want your journey to be smooth and is cheaper than hiring a car frequently.  It’s easy to own a car in Dubai if you have a valid driving license. Cars in the UAE are slightly cheaper than in other countries like UK or US.  Another attraction is that fuel is quite cheap in Dubai as it is an oil-rich nation.
There are plenty of new and used car dealerships for cars for sale in uae

Buying a brand new car in Dubai:
There are many new car dealerships in Dubai offering you with plenty of choice.  In dubai cars sale , any car model is available which is produced by the major car makers. Cars seem to age more quickly coz of the dry climate in UAE but maintenance is fairly common and affordable.

Buying used cars in Dubai:
Used car dealers are the most convenient option so that you can buy a car in a good condition with the necessary warranty and free service left. Buying used cars is hassle-free since you can trust the dealers as they check every car before they accept it. If you buy the car from authorized dealers they will do all the formalities for you. There are also lots of cheaper secondhand bikes around of all types. All kinds of vehicles are cheaper in UAE, and so buying motorcycle/bikes are also cheaper if prefer bikes to cars.
If you purchase a second hand car directly from an owner, you will need to transfer the ownership of the vehicle.  To do so, you and the owner of the car will have to go to the Traffic Police and undergo some formalities like submitting the application form as well as presenting the registration card, an insurance certificate and any information that states there are no outstanding debt and the car’s license plates.  Both you and the vendor should have your passports and residence permits and copies of both with you.

Renting Cars in Dubai:
Renting a car in Dubai is very simple and economical. Most car rental companies arrange for you to pick up your vehicle at the airport which eases your transport when you land in Dubai. Rented car can be delivered to the hotel you are staying in also. Most of the car rental providers for Dubai are reliable and offer quality vehicles. There is a large range of car for sale in dubai, such as luxury vehicles to go around Dubai in style or economical vehicles for affordable transport.

Car financing or car loan in UAE is very easy. Some new and used car dealerships offer you financing if you can’t buy it for cash. The rate will be around 5-7%.
To get your car insurance you just need the normal information such as make, model, chassis number etc. Insurance is normally about 5% of the car price. With insurance in place you can register the car.  This has to be done every year. If you are late with your re-registration, you will be fined.

If you are not an expert, you had better buy a car which was originally sold by the original manufacturer in Dubai. So you can assure that it has the correct specification and is not a stolen car.  If you go for a used cars sale dubai make sure that the car is not imported from abroad or a stolen car, also if they have the correct specification for the roads in Dubai, and whether the dealer can maintain it.
Before deciding if you should go private or from a dealer, have a look at the certified used dubai car for sale from the big dealers as they give a guarantee and generally give you warranty remainders too. If you go for other dealers make sure you personally check the car. Finally if you go private, this is the cheapest option but be very careful while purchasing the car or take along a “car savvy” friend with you.

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