Top 3 Mac PDFs Help Convert PDF to eBook Efficiently

Online publishers and eBook distributors offer a growing opportunity to authors and small publishers, as well as affiliate marketers.EBook sales will be $9.7 billion in 2016, more than three times this year’s $3.2 billion in sales, according to a recent report by Juniper Research.

Here are some eBook stores to help eBook distributors.

Amazon Kindle Store. The Amazon Kindle Store lists over one million digital titles. It supports Portable Document Format (PDF), Amazon’s Kindle Format (AZW), and Mobipocket (MOBI). To publish books in the Kindle Store, access the Kindle Direct Publishing site.

Barnes & Noble Nook Books. Nook Books offers over 2.5 million titles. It supports Epub Format (EPUB) and PDF. To publish in the Barnes & Noble store, access its PubIt! site.

Apple iBookstore. The Apple iBookstore lists over 700,000 titles. It supports all formats. To publish in the iBookstore, access the requirements and application. The royalty rate is 70 percent.

PDFs are a popular format for eBooks since they render the same on any device and can preserve the exact layout of the print book. However, this benefit is their major disadvantage on mobile devices, as you often have to zoom and pan back and forth to see everything on the page.

Now, I will tell you some useful websites to convert PDF to eBook in ePub format, HTML format, Image format.

Apple Related :Convert PDF to EBook Of EPUB Format

iBooks uses ePub as its core format-if you already have many eBooks in PDF format on your Mac, just convert eBooks from PDF to EPUB format and sync them to iPad.With Doremisoft Mac PDF to EPUB Converter everyone can write an e-book with full control over how it will look on Mac OS X. All you need is to add your PDF files to the program and click “Convert” to convert an PDF file to ePub to read in iBooks app on iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch,etc.

More info PDF to EPUB converter for mac, please visit:

Image Tips: Convert PDF to EBook Of Image Format

PDF requires an external application like Adobe Acrobat Reader while Images like JPG, PNG, GIF and so on do not. So, PDF to Image Converter for mac should be the solution you are looking for.

Doremisoft Mac PDF to Image converter supports batch convert, fast speed, retain original page layout of PDF, conversion of vector graphics into jpg files, does not require Adobe Acrobat or Reader support. Meanwhile, it can also export PDF to JPEG, PNG, TIFF or BMP image.

Website Tips:Import PDF to EBook Of HTML Format

HTML is the webpage format which can be read on popular eReaders. We usually save, edit and share some useful things with PDF files, but it is difficult to edit or publish PDFs on website. That’s why we need a way to convert from PDF to HTML format.

In fact, there is a more efficient way to make your friends access to the PDF sources with a click. With PDF to HTML Converter for Mac, you can convert PDF to HTML webpage with simple four steps and release your PDF content on the website.

By the way, there are online eBook converter services which support PDF to eBook conversion. The famous sites are:,,, and so on.

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