Three best solutions to save PDF to Word on Mac

PDF is the standard file format for document exchange and is widely used among people. PDF is secure and reliable, when transmission there is no chance of format distortion and virus infection. But it is not always the suitable one for you when you want to make necessary change with your PDF files. Then you need to save your PDF files as editable Word documents.

Among the huge amount of applications that can convert PDF to Word on Mac, there are 3 programs that I personally used, pretty good I think, and here I would like to share them with you, they are Zamzar, iOrgsoft PDF to Word Converter for Mac, Doremisoft PDF to Word Converter for Mac.

First comes to Zamzar
It is a web-based file conversion service that let you upload a file through its web interface, convert it, and then email you a download link. It covers a surprising wide range of possible input and output formats. It allows batch process and the maximum uploadable file size is 100 M in the free version.

Second, iOrgsoft PDF to Word Converter for Mac
It is a desktop application that empowers you to fast convert PDF files to editable Word document while still preserve the original layout of Text, Images, etc of the PDF files with the intuitive and user-friendly interface for you to easy edit the PDF content in Word document.

Third, Doremisoft PDF to Word Converter for Mac

It is a simple and powerful tool to help you batch convert PDF to Word documents on Mac. When converting PDF files to DOCX on Mac, the original PDF elements such as text, images, etc can be preserved in the converted Word files, you can then reuse or modify the content of PDF in your Word on Mac.

All of the three mentioned can get your work done, but as the first is an online service, which depends largely on Internet connection and speed, it is somewhat not stable, to get a safe, stable applications, I advise you to try Doremisoft Mac PDF to Word Converter, pretty good, feel free to have a try.

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