Wonderful Deals Of Shaftesbury Hotels

The wonderful offers given by Shaftesbury hotels are certainly one of the best ways to attract customers into the hotels on the occasion of Christmas. This can also be a great way of saving money.

Are you planning a business trip in London? Well, since this is the festive time for Christmas, your business trip can also be simply exciting and enjoyable with wide varieties of events and occasions being carried out throughout this capital city. You would not only be able to carry out your business deals properly, but at the same time, you would also be able to dine to your fullest on the Christmas season.

Are you looking for a business accommodation, so that you can carry out meetings and conference peacefully? Well, in that case, none other than the hotels from Shaftesbury can be the best option for you. There are large list of luxurious hotels in this list, and you can enjoy utmost comfort in any of these hotels.

Currently, on the occasion of Christmas, the hotel authorities have decided to give plenty of offers and services to the customers. Now you would be able to check out information and details about the hotels right through the website of the company.

In fact, if you want, after checking out the different deals available, you would also be able to book the rooms of the hotel directly. If you book the rooms of the hotel 10 days in advance, you would be able to save up to 15% on your booking. Of course special terms and conditions are applicable, but this is certainly great for you.

In fact, the greatest benefit of booking rooms in these hotels is that you would not have to pay any money while booking. You can book any room of any hotel of your choice, without paying any money. Your credit card will be kept as a guarantee of your reservation. Once you arrive at the hotel, you would have to make the full payment against the reservation. Isn’t this great?

This is not just the end. You would get some additional offers and discounts on booking this business accommodation hotel. In fact, the hotel authorities have decided to reward you for longer period of staying. If you stay here for 2 nights, you can get a discount of 10 percent, while for 3 nights, you would get a discount of 15 percent.

Well, this is not the end again. If you plan here to stay for 5 nights, you would have to pay only for four nights, while the fifth night will be absolutely free for you. What can be a better way of saving money than this? Therefore, make sure that you enjoy all the facilities offered by the Shaftesbury hotels.

These groups of hotels also features the best London restaurant, as a result of which, you would be able to taste the most delicious cuisines. If you want to get a taste of complete English breakfast, this is the right option for you.

Located right at the heart of London, you would not have any problem in accessing the nearby shopping areas, restaurants or business districts. Therefore, you can be assured that your requirements would definitely be served in the best way possible.

There is some more advance purchase offers that you can expect to get at these Shaftesbury hotels in London. When you book for the hotel rooms through the official website of the company, you can also book for the complimentary breakfast which will comprise of high quality English breakfast.

Since you are here for a business purpose, you might often have to get access to the net. Therefore, the hotel authorities have introduced the facility of free Broadband internet connection at every room of the hotel. Along with that, you can also get complimentary Wi-Fi internet accessibility anywhere in public within the property of the hotel. Thus, even when, you are in the lounge or in the reception areas, you can access the net.

Therefore, for more offers and facilities, you should definitely check out official website of the hotel.

About Shaftesbury Hotels:

The Shaftesbury hotels are renowned and reputed hotels and offers wide varieties of luxurious facilities and services to their customers. You can log on to www.shaftesburyhotels.com. You can easily avail the Christmas offers of the hotels at cheaper rates, and thus get the great opportunity to save your money.

For more information, please contact:

The Shaftesbury Hotels Collection
27 Devonshire Terrace, Paddington,
London, W2 3DR, United Kingdom
Email id: reservations ( @ ) theshaftesbury dot co dot uk
Phone number: +44 (0) 20 7745 1212
Website: http://www.shaftesburyhotels.com



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