SurfBouncer announces low cost USA Personal VPN services

Provides low cost USA based Personal VPN service using the latest technology and security techniques.

For people wanting highly secure but low cost USA Based VPN service this recently announced offering fits the description. Multiple USA based OpenVPN servers allow any computer to connect to the service. Works with Windows, Mac and Linux. The Personal VPN service may be purchased from

Also offered is a plan to extend the service to phones and tablet devices.

Those travelling or working in other countries may find that Internet access is filtered and censored in some places. The Personal VPN bypasses these filters, allowing them to do business as usual. eliminates all of these restrictions and frustrations while securing data via a highly encrypted tunnel. This not only unblocks the internet but completely secures information from censors, hackers and identity thieves.

A personal benefit, while traveling, is being able to access web sites back in the USA that are not available overseas. The Personal VPN Service restores the travelers IP address back to the USA, providing access to these sites.

For people who need a web presence in the USA Personal VPN users can now use the servers to give them a USA local IP address and presence no matter where they are (physically) in the world.


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