Unlimited Mileage Car Rental Can Save You Money

If you have ever been shopping around for the best deals on a rental car, you may have noticed that most of the major auto rental companies offer rental cars with unlimited mileage. For certain types of trips or vacations, this can be the best option for you and also can save you a lot of money. However, sometime limited mileage car rentals are the best choice. It all depends on your situation.

Earlier this year my friends and I were taking a trip to see our favorite rock band play. The band was not coming to our town, so we had to make a trip to go see them. We are from St. Louis, Missouri and the concert was in Des Moines, Iowa.

Since none of us had a car that would be suitable to drive all four of us, we decided that we would need to rent a car. And inevitably, my friends chose me to be in charge of renting the car for the lowest price. How do I always get stuck with the fun parts?

I had rented a car before, but that was just for a short business trip to Jefferson City. I had never rented a vehicle before to take out of town on vacation. So, I asked my brother for some advice since he travels much more than I do. He told me to look online and try searching some of the major booking engines to get the best deal. He also said to not forget to check for some coupon codes that could save us a lot of money.

After talking to him, I went home and started researching on the internet for the best deal I could find. My brother was right, the booking engines had a lot of good deals available from all of the major car rental agencies.

I ended up renting on a large Lincoln Town Car with unlimited mileage. The agreement was that we would have unlimited miles with the car as long as we stayed within the ten states that they provided. This would be no problem for us, since we were only planning on traveling in the specified states.

I let my friends know about the car I reserved for us. They were pleased since it would only end up costing us around fifty dollars each for the rental. They did give me a hard time about not renting an exotic sports car, but I quickly let them know that those types of cars are not available to rent with unlimited mileage.

The trip ended up being a great time. We saw our favorite band in concert and had a wonderful time doing it. We learned that Des Moines is a pretty cool place too with a lot of fun places to hang out. The rental car with unlimited mileage worked out without a hitch. The car had no problems and it was comfortable for all of us traveling in it. Not to mention, due to the money we save renting a car, we had some extra money to spend while we were there.

If you and your family or friends are planning a trip and would like to find out more about unlimited miles car rental you can visit our website where we provide plenty more information about renting a car and finding the best deals online.

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