The best time to fly to Manila for holidays

Manila being a historic city is popular amongst the tourists. The Spanish in the 16th cent had once occupied the city then by the British for a brief period and then by the U.S. During Manila tourism the attractions of the city has got to offer every traveler something. The tour of Manila would include day trips, educational tours, religious tours and many others.

Many who travel to Manila find that the cosmopolitan capital of the Philippines is the most exciting city in Asia, offering a blend of cultures, a good supply of historic sights and places to see, and unforgettable experiences. Another plus for a holiday in Manila is that the city is as lively at night as it is during the day.

The Manila weather is hot and humid all throughout the year. But between the months of November and February the climate of Manila is cooler. Manila is covered by hills on the eastern and the western side. The eastern side is covered by the Eastern Cordillera while the western side is protected by the mountains of the Bataan Peninsula. The mountains of the Bataan Peninsula stand on the western part of the Manila Bay.

The Philippines is a tropical country and has two seasons – the wet and the dry season. The dry season in Manila is between the months of late October to May. The temperature ranges from the cool and breezy.

Manila tourist attractions have got to offer to every traveler. The trip to Manila the capital of Philippines would include activities like the day trip, tour art exhibits, educational tour, religious tours and others. As mentioned the Manila weather during the dry season is the best time to visit the city. The white sandy beaches are also very popular with the travelers.

The humid and hot weather in Manila may affect the way you are able to enjoy your holiday so you need to take basic precautions to make your stay as comfortable as possible. For starters, only wear light clothing. If you do get cold, a simple hoodie or light sweater will do.

You can also wear a hat if you have to walk under the sun, or protect yourself from the sun’s rays with an umbrella, the way Filipinos do. Opt to carry a bottle of water with you to keep yourself hydrated and wear enough sunscreen.

December is one of the best times to visit Manila because of the cooler weather, enabling you to feel more comfortable while sightseeing. Around late November or early December, the weather starts getting cooler, especially at night. It may still be a little humid but it is more bearable than the summer months.

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