Experience the blend of old and new worlds with Kuala Lumpur Flights

More than a mere port for visitors to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is a world-class metropolis with a brew of skyscrapers and colonial architecture. It epitomizes the Malaysian melting-pot with more sharp contrasts and cultural diversity than most cities can boast. What began 150 years ago as a tin-mining outpost has taken a dramatic turn to become one of Southeast Asia’s most important cities. From the soaring heights of the Petronas Towers to the leviathan shopping malls, this is a city for the modern traveler. Along the way are world-class attractions and dazzling restaurants.


No matter where they venture in Kuala Lumpur, visitors encounter a heady mix of old and new. They’ll also find hospitable locals who are thrilled with the international attention given to this emerging city. With Cheap Flights to Kuala Lumpur experience vacations like never before.  But Kuala Lumpur is also a place for lovers of art and history. Colonial architecture still stands in city center, while the storefronts in Chinatown and Little India date back 100 years or more. The capital is also home to some of Malaysia’s finest museums which explore everything from the nation’s unique history to the ethnic minority cultures in Sarawak and Sabah. The two prevailing leisure pastimes in Kuala Lumpur are shopping by day and partying by night. The bars, jazz clubs and dance floors of Kuala Lumpur cater to a variety of tastes. There are lively festivals staged every month, the best of which are Chinese New Year and the Thaipusam Festival, observed by local Hindus. Families can beat the heat with indoor activities like bowling or riding the roller coaster inside Times Square Shopping Mall.

Batu Caves

With Flights to Kuala Lumpur explore the outlying countryside that has a few outdoor attractions, foremost of which is Batu Caves. Situated just a few miles north of the city center, this is an excellent place to engage in caving and intermediate-level rock climbing. Visit during January to see the Indian community come out for the Thaipusam Festival.


Kuala Lumpur is overflowing with cosmopolitan activities that appeal to travelers from all walks of life booking Kuala Lumpur Flights. Whether it’s shopping, clubbing, golfing or even exploring the outdoors, this city has something for everyone. Bowling in the city is an outstanding activity that entertains all visitors.

Chinese New Year

The best time to visit Kuala Lumpur with Cheap Flights to Kuala Lumpur is Chinese New year, as Chinatown leaps into action with a range of colorful, cultural activities. Locals invite visitors to embrace the coming year with dragon dances, parades, fireworks and plenty of eating.

Cosmo’s World

Cosmo’s World is the largest indoor theme park in the world. The resident highlight, if only in terms of scale, is the looping roller coaster that careens through the shopping mall. This is an especially attractive diversion for families with children.


One of the greatest pleasures in traveling to Kuala Lumpur is shopping. Tourists from all parts of the world take Flights to Kuala Lumpur just for the admirable range of shopping. Kuala Lumpur alone has 66 shopping malls and is the fashion hub of Malaysia; one can shop in huge malls or small local markets. Shopping here is a pleasure as one has price ranges accommodating almost all shoppers’ budgets. A tour to Kuala Lumpur is incomplete if one does not visit the shopping centres.

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