Washington – More than just a destination…

Washington is situated close to Virginia and Maryland, and is one of America’s most beautiful cities, full of monuments, memorials, impressive architecture and large public parks, and is the home of the president.

Washington features a continental climate with warm and humid summers, contrasting with cooler, frosty winters. Located in the District of Columbia, the capital city of Washington is at its hottest between July and August, when temperatures regularly exceed 30°C .

The Cascade Mountains divide Washington not only topographically but also climatically. Despite its northerly location, western Washington is as mild as the middle and southeastern Atlantic coast; it is also one of the rainiest regions in the world.

While the city of Washington weather is highly seasonal with extreme variations between summer and winter; it has been known to be unpredictable too.

Summers tend to be very hot and humid, the conditions exacerbated in the heart of the city with its concrete and steel. Fall and spring are the best seasons, when chilly but bright, perfect days are the norm. Sudden rain or snowfalls are possible though.

In the summer season, Mount Washington Resort is a hiking and mountain biking haven and a great central base from which to explore Vancouver Island.

In the winter those looking to ski Canada will discover vast depths of all-natural snow and a unique destination where visitors can enjoy an island getaway that offers world class skiing, snowboarding and nordic sports and a breath taking ocean view with the added value of all that the Comox Valley and surrounding area have to offer.

On Washington Tours, you’ll also have time to hop off for shopping, dining and relaxing throughout the city at several of the area’s best stores and restaurants.

You’ll feel free to stay as long as you wish at any of the stops along the way.

Enjoy all that Washington DC represents at your pace. For more than 25 years, Old Town has been the tour of choice for so many guests, young and old, delighting them.

Washington will bring out every wonderful patriotic feeling that you have – this is the drive center of United States. As a visitor you’ll learn so much about the United States and what makes it work the way it does. It’s an exciting and interesting town and you’re sure to enjoy it to the fullest. Just like so many others have before you.

The nightlife in Washington DC offers an unforgettable nightlife fun to both native and foreign tourist by its feet swapping DJ beats, cozy dinner venues and trendiest nightclubs.

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