The Best Firewalls Of 2012 – Determining The Right One For You

Every computer needs a good firewall, so you should be aware of the best firewalls for 2012. If you have never thought about security for your computer, it is about time that you do, because it is inevitable that problems will occur. It doesn’t take much effort to safeguard your computer, and installing the right program can make all the difference.

Symantec has produced some of the best known computer security products of all, mostly under the Norton brand. One of the top rated antivirus products, according to PC Magazines, is Norton AntiVirus 2012. Independent labs, like Virus Bulletin, give it very high scores. Once you decide that you want this program, and you have the operating systems of Windows XP, 7 or Vista, then it will only take a few minutes to complete the installation. In this edition, you can get real-time updates as the program scans your files and identifies any problems. Norton products also give you reliable tech support, including phone, email and chat, so you won’t have any problem reaching someone if you need help.

Anyone with a Windows operating system will be pleased with ZoneAlarm Firewall Free 9.2 for their computer protection. Windows 7 has a very good firewall, but it always helps to have additional protection when surfing online. There are many improvements to the 9.2 version, making ZoneAlarm an excellent choice for security programs. Surfing the web, especially from hotspots to provide WiFi, you need to have protection that is automatic – the software will do this for you and protect you from online threats at public locations everywhere. Hackers and identity thieves will not be able to get your personal data once you are using this software with anti-phishing technology.

So when you go online, once you have installed this free firewall, you will know that you are protected from all potential security threats.

PC Magazine has rated F-Secure Anti-Virus 2012 as one of the better antivirus programs on the market today. It’s extremely user friendly in that there are few settings to worry about. It is up and running the moment is loaded, already configured to block attacks. The beauty of this software is that it allows you to protect up to three computers from one subscription. There is also an Internet Security package which will protect you from identity theft and has an additional firewall system. This version also gives you parental controls to manage what your children are able to access when online. Antivirus and firewall protection are definitely provided from F-Secure to make you safe and secure while you are online.

Your computer might come with its own firewall, but most systems need additional protection, so don’t rely on what’s there alone. You will want to keep your computer up to date with any new security measures, because hackers are still looking for ways to get into your computer. Nothing will make you feel more safe and secure, when using your computer, than installing one of this years best firewalls and letting it do its work.

Here is a review of Firewalls and PC security for 2012. Make your PC secure and enjoy surfing the web.

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