African Safari: Perfect opportunity to travel to the three east african countries

Smallest of the three countries is situated near the equator. Uganda’s weather varies extensively based on factors including altitude and surrounding water bodies. With a tropical climate, conditions vary widely from warmer, more temperate climates in the lowlands to colder and cooler climates in the highlands. Although different at points, Uganda is usually good and warm throughout the year with wet seasons that can be beneficial to those planning to see primates including gorillas as well as chimpanzees. If visiting during the rainy reasons , it’s certainly advised to take a rain coat, umbrella, warm jacket or a sweater, as it can get cold mainly in the western regions.

The hottest months of the year range from December to February while the rainy seasons are generally experienced in the months of March to May and October to November. Keep in mind, although the warm months are the most hassle-free to see wildlife, it’s also when malaria causing mosquitoes are at their maximum numbers. This means applying mosquito repellant frequently as well as taking your own anti-malaria dosage.

Visiting Kenya is simply like visiting anywhere else. Knowing what time of the year you travel makes a great impact on exactly what the vacation allows you to see. Situated near the Equator line, Kenya goes through a variety of climatic changes. Because this article was written to help those organizing a safari getaway, the very best times to visit the country is during the dry, hot season. This time of the year is when most animals are out and can be easily seen through various national parks especially the Masai Mari, which attracts thousands of Wildebeest each year during the world’s biggest animal migration.
The dry and warm months are between January to March as well as July through October. If interested in witnessing the world’s greatest animal migration, then you are better off going in the months of July through to October. This is when thousands as well as thousands of wildebeests migrate from Tanzania heading up north to the Masai Mara national park in search of food as well as water. Over these months, possible predators are also easy to spot as they stalk most wildebeests as well as Zebras that move north from Tanzania.

Resting on the edge of the African continent as well as facing the Indian Ocean, the weather here is normally comfortable throughout the year with a lot of activities to be enjoyed. Tanzania has over 4 world class national parks that includes Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Selous as well as Manyara national park. Again the best time to see the many wildlife is during the warm as well as dry seasons which range from June to October. Although this is usually advised with most national parks, a few offer the exception. Parks such as Serengeti as well as her surrounding parks have the best game viewing experience available between the months of December and May. So exactly what matters here is the fact that you go to the right park at the appropriate time of the year. Serengeti is great throughout the year and will provide you enough to see. Parks such as Selous, Ruaha as well as Katavi are best visited between the months June to October.

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