13 Smart Tips to Increase More Traffic to Your Blog

If you have a blog and you want to give it more traffic, then you can follow these smart tips to increase more traffic to your blog.

Here they are:

1. Integrate your blog with most social media platforms. You need to have an account on each social media platform to help you promote each of your new post.

2. Analyze your external link regularly. Remove dead links from your blog to enhance your search engine position. Search engines hate blogs with full of dead links.

3. Create unique content frequently. You have to post on your blog frequently to attract the attention of search engine spiders. Also, if you have unique and interesting content, more people will read your blog regularly.

4. Build backlinks properly. Build some quality backlinks for your blog through quality comments, forum posting, and so on.

5. Build a sitemap and update it often. Sitemap is an interesting part of your website to let the search engine spiders to understand your site structure. A well built and frequently updated sitemap will let your blog presence be known quickly by the search engine.

6. Update your Blogroll. If you have some interesting links to other blogs that are related to your blog, you can include them in your Blogroll. Remember that Google loves a blog that has good connection with other similar blogs.

7. Use RSS feeds to your advantage. RSS feeds will let you to syndicate your blog content to various RSS aggregators that will enable your visitors to find your latest post. That small orange icon in your blog is indeed useful.

8. Post your link to various social bookmarking sites. If you want to gain more exposure, keep posting your newest post to various social bookmarking websites. It will also add an SEO power to your blog.

9. You should love images. Images will make your blog looks awesome, and they hold certain SEO value as well. If you are using images in your every post, you should always insert proper keyword in your ALT tag.

10. Use the power of Squidoo. You can make build more popularity by using Squidoo. Just post some interesting content regularly to Squidoo and leave a link to your blog in each of your lenses.

11. Use the power of HubPages. It’s the same as Squidoo. HubPages holds good SEO power to help your blog to rank higher in the search engine.

12. Use the power of Yahoo Answers. If you want to increase your blog popularity, go answer some questions related to your niche every day. The best place to do this is through Yahoo Answers. You will build more trust and good connection with your readers.

13. Submit one article a day to EzineArticles. You can gain more exposure through article marketing. In fact, this channel will let you to build more credibility and trust. So, submit a short and interesting article a day to EzineArticles to give your blog more boosts in traffic.

Follow those tips to increase more traffic to your blog. Once you’ve increased your traffic, you’ll have another thing that will also increase. It’s your cash.

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