Protecting Your Car’s Paintwork

Car paint protection is important to keep your car looking its best and to keep its optimum value for if to sell up in a few years. Prevention is better than cure, and this goes for car paint protection as well, whether your car is brand new or not-so-new. A protection system such as Supagard will shield your paintwork from the elements.

UV light and acid rain are common factors of paint erosion in the UK. Light will gradually fade the colour of your car, and acid rain will cause etching (little circles) in the paintwork. Acid rain is particularly troublesome in cities in the UK where contaminants come from high pollution levels, damaging if the vehicle is not sheltered in a garage or multi-story car park. During winter, road salt used to combat icy conditions also causes many chips and scratches in car paint. Similarly, stone chips from loose roads can ruin your paintwork, as can natural matter such as tree sap or bird droppings. If you park your car in a coastal area you will probably also see awful rusting on cars from the high salt levels in the air.

No level of cleaning will prevent your car corroding from any of these factors, but car paint protection like Supagard will protect against all of them. Not all paint protection services are the same , and it is important to choose a high quality brand such as Supagard for the best result. You do not want a product which just gives a temporary shine; you will need an advanced sealant like Supagard to protect your car from the UK elements. Supagard is a good choice because it has been used on vehicles across the UK for over 20 years. It was created using modern technology, and does not require top-ups or monthly conservers. Once applied Supagard will last for many years, and it even comes with a three year guarantee.

It is not too late to protect your car with a paint protection such as Supagard. If your car is not new you might feel that your paintwork is far from perfect, so question why you would need to protect it with Supagard. But there is always time for it to get worse and you may look back in the future, wishing your car looked as good as it does today. With paint protection by Supagard, your car will stay looking this good.
Maybe you are using a car wax to protect your car. Wax is great for adding a short-term shine but it will eventually wash off your car, leaving you with little protection against the harsh winter elements. The best way to protect your car is using professional paint protection such as Supagard.

Professional paint protection like Supagard will keep your car’s paintwork looking as good as it does today, not only for aesthetics but also for maintaining its resale value. A good paint protection such as Supagard applied by a Supagard Approved Technician will make washing your car much easier as dirt and grime will wipe off easily, with no waxing needed.

The author of this article works with Ultimate Car Paint Protection who are specialists in protecting paintwork with Supagard products. The independent company have a nationwide mobile van service with fully trained technicians who will complete the work at your front door for a competitive price.

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