Bask in the Heavenly Sunshine with Flights to Goa

The city of Goa is an astounding paradisiacal city which is called the Pearl of the Orient. One can sight the magnificent miles of sand beaches with cerulean water running beneath your feet while the sunshine from the dawn to dusk. Get enrapt in the charm of the waters and the heady city that bustle by the day and night. This enticing city is nested between the wild waters and the calm beaches and is mostly visited by honeymooners who want to experience romance and fun under the sun and drive to seas feeling the evening air. Partying hard, eating exotic cuisines, staying at lavish resorts are the dream comes true of every traveler in this exotic gothic paradise of India. It is also a nature lover’s paradise and boasts of wildlife sanctuaries and interesting activities. Some of the fascinating attraction this city hosts is listed below.

Goa Carnival: The Goa Carnival is one of the major reasons to board Flights to Goa. The Goa Carnival is held in the month of February each year for three days and nights. The Goa Carnival has been organized since the 18th century when Goa was under the Portuguese rule. The exciting and vibrant event held in the city hosts a wide range of music, entertainment, food and dancing.

Fishing: Fishing is one of the most fascinating activities and can be enjoyed in the heavenly water of Goa. Fishing lovers will surely be impressed with the fishing opportunities grabbed after taking Cheap Flights to Goa. Try out the inexpensive boating and fishing experience in the water blessed with abundance of fishes. One can head to the waters of Agonda Beach and the Chapora River which are two best spots and also offers equipment for hire.

Bird watching: Goa has some extraordinary natural reserves that houses exotic wildlife and fauna. Particularly an array of bird species, the renowned Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the popular spot that is visited by tourists from around the world taking Flights to Goa. This natural reserve is a paradise for flora and fauna lovers and mesmerizes everyone who ventures this verdant heaven.

Go-Karting: The exciting game of Go-karting is new to Goa and offers only two tracks. The first track is in Nuvem located in south Goa, and provides fast karts and a 482-meter challenging course that twirl and turns through the scenic grounds. The second track is located in Arpora, in north Goa, and is more suited to beginners with slower karts and a relatively short course. So take chances Goa Flights.

Nightlife: There is a lively and exciting nightlife scene in the city with an abundance of bars, clubs and discothèques as well as beach raves and parties. For travelers seeking a quieter night out, Goa has a plethora of comfortable bars that play soft live music.


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