Avid Mbox 3 Pro Detailed Overview

Mbox Pro by Avid is the more costly, luxurious model of Mbox – a lengthy revered recording unit for music artists and studio technicians. But with the good results and terrific functions of the normal Mbox, will it be actually worth paying the additional funds to acquire the ‘Pro’ model, or possibly is it just a bragging? Stay with me to find out.

Web Site is written up on Mbox 3 Pro Manual internet site suggests that one in the primary differences between the common Mbox as well as the Pro may be the additional four channels (the typical Mbox merely has 4, the Pro has 8). So right away, in case you have the should simultaneously record 4+ channels of sound, you’re going to have to go using the Mbox Pro.

But this isn’t just one differentiator. Yet another considerable difference in between the units is the fact that the Pro has greater quality convertors and preamps – an great feature for all those audiophiles enthusiastic about high recording quality.

The Pro is also capable of 192kHz recording (despite the fact that in the time of writing, Pro Tools only supports recording at 96kHz, which is the exact same because the standard Mbox).

An excellent function is the 2 Line inputs (1/4″ TRS), which are fantastic for connecting active, high-gain input sources such as keyboards to the device.

One of the items that may well turn-off prospective Mbox Pro’ers is that it makes use of FireWire for interfacing together with your PC and has a separate power supply (not like the regular model, which makes use of USB two.0 and has no separate power supply). This signifies the device is not as portable as the more affordable models. If you’d like a highly portable solution (for laptop based recording, by way of example) then you should almost certainly keep away from the Pro – it is explained on Avid Mbox 3 Manual web site.

Another wonderful function with the Pro is the fact that it natively supports 5.1 surround stereo, that the less expensive models don’t. Should you intend on performing any recording and/or mixing for videos, this could be of concern.

The Pro has got a jack for a footswitch, enabling you to swiftly and simply toggle Pro Tools capabilities while recording live. This can be particularly beneficial for 1-man operations where you’re simultaneously playing the component of technician and artist.

Obviously the big question is: is the device worth the hike in price? It’s, afterall, practically 50% more expensive than the regular model. Plus the answer to the question will lie in whether or not or not you will potentially need the further capabilities. If you can get by with four or much less channels of audio, have no require for 5.1 surround sound, or if you want a portable answer, the standard device is probably the method to go. You might even be worth looking at the ‘Mini’, which has 2 input channels and is drastically more affordable.

In conclusion, the Mbox Pro is often a pretty potent recording device, and is feature-rich adequate to act as the centre-piece of a qualified recording set-up. On this same train of thought, in the event you don’t need the extra functions supplied by the Pro, it really is considerably additional expense helpful to go with one of its less expensive cousins – the Mbox normal or Mini.

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