Use Your Patio Anytime With a Copper Fire Bowl

Fire pits in your outdoor setting can be dual purpose. While your friends are socialising around the fire for warmth you can also be using it to cook your meal while you join in on the conversation. All you’ll need for that is a grate that sits over the top of the fire pit. For a cheery and warm gathering place the fire pit cannot be beat. So it’s no wonder that fire pits are becoming quite a hot commodity in people’s outdoor areas.

If you are going to get one dug out of the ground and constructed from concrete and bricks then you may be looking at a hefty price tag. For affordability you can get many portable models of fire pit. If you move around a lot a portable fire pit is definitely worth some consideration. They can also be handy on a camping trip if you get the right portable model.

The majority of fire pits are of the wood burning variety. Many people prefer this for the extra ambience that only wood fires can provide. Others prefer the convenience of more modern fuel sources so there are plenty of gas burning fire pits on the market. Gas powered fire pits not only have the convenience of a more accessible fuel source but there is also no cleanup at the end of the night.

A fire pit is designed to contain a fire but there are still risks involved that need to be taken into account. You will always have wind blown sparks from wood burning so make sure you have a spark screen installed. Wooden decks are also not a good environment for a fire pit. Some suggest putting down a layer of bricks or pavers to absorb the heat. If you are going to go this route then we recommend getting a professional to design and build the hearth for maximum safety and peace of mind.

There are lots of materials suitable for use in the design of a fire pit but one of the most popular styles is the copper fire pit.The copper fire pit is a popular choice but there are many other materials that can be used in their construction. Copper is used for its durability and it has a high melting point meaning it won’t warp from the heat. Copper fire pits are often of the portable type of fire pit. It’s very handy in the garden clean up. Just move your fire pit to your big pile of rubbish to burn so you’re not dragging it all over the yard. Have your friends over for a cook out and get them to help stock the fire.

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