Why Red Cedar is one of the Most Popular Decking Materials

A great number of home owners who are thinking about installing a brand new deck often take into consideration making use of red cedar. The concept of easy elegance which has been linked to cedar decks. Even though cedar decking is naturally stunning, you will find more practical reasons for why the wood remains well-liked. The practical features are possibly one of the leading reasons why cedar decking has turned out to be so popular.

Unique Qualities

Cedar deck lumber is among the lightest softwoods sold in the market. When cedar deck boards are positioned in oven-dry conditions, a board weighs 21 pounds per cubic foot at a specific gravity of 0.32. The lightness of red cedar allows for the lumber to be effortlessly brought in in addition to handled.

Inherent Stability

Nevertheless all types of wood have got a hygroscopic property, this condition is a bit more distinct in red cedar lumber. The capability of wood to absorb and expell moisture is critical to produce equilibrium. Nonetheless, red cedar stands apart as a result of its low shrinkage factor. The reason for why red cedar is better than other coniferous woods is its resistance to checking, twisting and warping. This property is better underscored in prestige decking which lies flat, holds fasteners very well, and isn’t prone to shrinkage, splits or cracks.

Heating and Cooling

Yet another universal property of wood is the idea that it is a really good thermal insulator. Woods that are superb thermal insulators manage to not merely keep building cool through the summertime of the year but as well warm during the winter season, and this can help people by curbing heating costs.Density is vital on the capacity of the wood to conduct heat because the two have a direct relationship. It only follows that the woods which have the lowest density are the ones which supply high thermal insulation. It is because woods having low density include plentiful cell cavities. This property is because of the reality that the cavities serve as reservoir for air. As a consequence of red cedar’s low density and high proportion of air spaces, the lumber is an excellent thermal insulation if compared among other softwood species. Red cedar is also considered as a better thermal insulator than brick, concrete or red cedar.


Another superb property of red cedar is its capability to damp vibrations. Heat is produced with the conversion of sound energy through the help of minute pores, and frictional and viscoelastic resistance. The cellular pore network increases internal friction which then dampens sound. Because of this property, cedar deck lumber works extremely well to minmize noise.

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