Top Points For Securing A Sale In Telesales

The competition for telesales jobs in London is brutal, and you will need to brush up on your expertise to be a success in the business capital.

Before you make a phone call in telesales jobs in London you need to be prepared. Making ten cold calls will not be better than making one considered and well-researched call. Have your questions prepared and ensure they fit what you want the customer to do. You should also have a backup strategy if your main objective isn’t successful. Choose something you want to accomplish as a minimum in every telephone call, an agreement to talk to them again in 6 months for example. The fewer completely unsuccessful calls you make, the higher your success rate, and the higher your self-esteem.

By working in telesales jobs in London you will learn that whoever you speak to first is as important as the decision maker. Be just as polite and pleasant, you won’t get to even speak to the boss if their PA/HR/receptionist doesn’t think you offer anything of value. If you have any questions concerning your possible client or business don’t be afraid to ask the call screener, it’s better than wasting the busy boss’s time. And if you are leaving a message with someone, or on voicemail, make sure you don’t hang up without giving them a hint of how they could benefit from your product or service “we offer a complimentary assessment or report of how we can help”.

Open the call interestingly and with a curiosity. You will need to lead your potential customer to what is in it for them or they will just get rid of you. Do not start you contact with anything which implies that you are calling other people as well, make them feel that they are special. If you are carrying out a check-up call to an existing client this still stands. If you work for a company with a small client base try “I saw…(an article/a business etc)… the other day and I thought of you”. Make a note of any small talk points for clients so you can add in “how was the holiday?” or “how are you, are you feeling better now?”. This will also make the customer feel valued.

When you are working in telesales jobs in London do not ask a rigid list of questions which are standard for everybody. Follow responses with related questions, but always know where you are heading and where you will go with answers, regardless of the given answer. Quantify the problem when possible so you get a tidy set of facts and figures. Do this by following up answers with related questions, ask “and how much did that cost”, “how long would that take?” “how often does that happen”. Only talk about your product or service in terms of how it will assist them or fulfill their needs, and tailor it to their responses.

A positive mental attitude and self-belief are the key factors to being good at telesales jobs in London. Think big, aim high and if you face rejection, don’t worry. It is a natural reaction to attack in defence but you need to take a step back. Determine why they have concerns and talk around to a possible solution you might be able to offer. And if they still won’t budge then offer how your services might help in the future, suggest that they keep you in mind, and leave it. Don’t waste your time with someone who is not interested: stay upbeat, confident and move on to the next. Good luck with your search for telesales jobs in London.

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