Memphis Chiropractor – Offering You Treatment for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a growing problem in the United States because its population is rapidly aging. It is very normal for people to suffer from weight loss and reduced bone mass when they age because of changes in the hormone levels in their body. However, this condition called osteopenia is very small when compared to osteoporosis which can result in easily broken bones. If you suffer from this dangerous condition, you will need the right treatment method that does not have any negative side effects. Most treatments for this disease involve the use of hormones such as HCG formula but a chiropractor is your best option if you very rightly do not want to have anything to do with hormones of drugs.

A chiropractor is the best person to give you a non-drug osteoporosis option because this form of medicine has many different treatments in its arsenal. Most people believe that a doctor of chiropractic only offers spinal manipulation. However, these doctors can also help you by modifying your diet and telling you what exercises you ought to do. You’ll find this to be the best way of handling this disease since there are no negative side effects to be worried about. As a matter of fact, your overall health will become better thanks to your increased activity levels and improved nutrition.

Since osteoporosis results in weakened bones that break easily, a chiropractor will suggest exercises that help strengthen the bones by increasing their ability to absorb calcium. Needless to say these exercises will only work if you take the necessary nutritional supplements that contain calcium as well as Vitamin D which aids in the absorption of calcium. Your doctor might also recommend you many exercises that prevent other problems other than fragile bones that break because of the slightest trauma. People who suffer from osteoporosis can also get compression fractures and vertebral wedges. There are exercises that can prevent these problems as well.

It is important to remember that exercises should only be done if they do not cause any pain. Many back exercises actually cause more problems for elderly people than they can supposedly cure. There have been many instances of elderly people fracturing their backbones purely because they were exercising based upon instructions given by their doctor of chiropractic. If you suffer from spinal osteoporosis then you should certainly avoid these exercises.

You need to find a really good chiropractor in your area who offers you personalized treatment for your disease. The doctor should be able to offer you a really well-designed exercise program that helps to reduce bone loss and prevent fractures in addition to a good diet program. If you follow this program well your overall health will improve and your symptoms will also abate. Your improved posture and greater flexibility will help you enjoy a far better quality of life than before. Make sure that you locate the best doctor of chiropractic who can offer you the right treatment plan at a very reasonable price. For an excellent chiropractor in Memphis go to

This article was prepared on behalf of Brookhaven Chiropractic Center ( Their located at 721 W. Brookhaven in Memphis, TN.

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