Alternative Energy Sources in The UK: What Exactly Are The Alternatives?

A whole raft of legal provisions and international polices and targets indicate that the UK, among additional specifically European nations must move away from their addiction to fossil fuels and more towards using environmentally friendly technologies. Over recent years there has been a boom in the environmentally friendly energies marketplace, both in terms of design and engineering discoveries and individuals and governments motivation to consider them as authentic options to non-renewable fuels. Nowadays, the UK uses green technologies which range from solar panels to wind turbines and hydroelectricity. This short article views each in turn to explore the contribution they have made to aiding Britain meet its targets.

Wind turbines

Wind energy is really a developing technology currently employed in the UK to lessen its reliance on non-renewable fuels. Ideally positioned for the wind energy which Europe enjoys, the UK has both offshore and also on shore wind turbines, and is also one of the leading marketplaces for wind turbine technology. Offshore wind farms usually tend to support larger wind turbines and make generate increased electricity. Even so, they are pricey and tricky to assemble. On shore wind farms tend to be more affordable and simpler to install, but are significantly less efficient and cause more difficulties with local people and communities! Therefore wind farms are a somewhat controversial technology and thus usually are not perceived by the general public as the most desirable way to reduce fossil fuel use in the UK.


Hydro electricity is yet another green and environmentally friendly technology which makes use of the gravitational effects of water in order to generate electrical power. This technology is extremely versatile which enables it to be used in tidal estuaries, lakes, reservoirs and waterfalls. This kind of technology is efficient and clean yet is fairly hard to put into practice on a large scale, especially in the UK. To construct a hydroelectric dam which produced a large amount of electrical power requires a very large lake, or a large estuary which ships don’t need to use. Regrettably in the UK we do not have many of either! Because of this hydroelectricity continues to be a somewhat under used technology in the UK.

Solar power

A final eco-friendly and renewable technology to consider is solar panels, which make use of solar energy to convert it into solar electricity. This technology has been utilized on an every day and industrial level by varying sizes of solar panel installations. Solar panel installations of whatever size are generally made up of solar panels, that have photo voltaic cells. These photo voltaic cells turn light energy into solar electric which is fed into electrical circuits. Domestically these can power your devices for the duration of the day, whilst on industrial level they can power significantly more substantial items and buildings. The current issue with solar panel installations is they cannot store solar electric and thus solar power is restricted to being exploited during the day. Even so, solar panel installations are not as visually bothersome as wind turbines and are quite a bit less limited in respect of where they can be located when compared to hydroelectricity. Solar power therefore signifies at present the most accessible and most beneficial form of reliable and sustainable green technology. Why don’t we see much more of it then? The major issue could be the substantial start-up costs which may be prohibitive for local authorities watching their spending budgets and individuals that happen to be in the midst of an economic depression. The government has however sweetened the pill considerably in providing for a worthwhile financial incentive scheme for individuals who decide to purchase solar panels, that could see typical homes receive up to ?1700 a year in benefits at present. With this style of deal on the table solar panel installations may soon be on the rise.

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