The Green Deal: A Brand New Stimulus Meant For The Solar Panel Marketplace?

The solar panel installation industry has had a tough month. It has endured a variety of set backs from the government with diminished fiscal benefits for consumers meaning many solar panel installers could be fighting for business in the new year. Even so, the government has recently launched a consultation into the concept of a ‘green deal’ inducement scheme. While the substance of this plans and incentives is not known totally, this article studies what exactly is known with regards to the scheme and the way it may help the industry.

Solar panels: the difficulties the industry faces

Up until the last month approximately the solar panel industry was without doubt taking pleasure in a boom. The feed in tariff rates were at an all-time high and consumers were rushing to take advantage of an incentive system whereby a normal household having a solar panel installation could see itself create close to ?1700 of benefits a year. However, people and installers alike were dealt an unwelcome and perhaps crippling blow when it was recently announced the feed in tariff rates were to be lessened considerably, and that now residences and buildings would need a minimum energy rating before installing solar panels. Mass hysteria soon gripped the market with claims that the government had acted rashly and set at stake thousands of jobs and spelled the end of the end of the solar panel industry. Nonetheless, a current government consultation has been unveiled exploring the probability of assisting home-based installations become much easier and attractive for the consumer. This particular inducement under assessment is termed the ‘green deal’.

solar panels and the ‘Green Deal’

The green deal is essentially an incentive plan to help Britain move away from its reliance on fossil fuels and towards a more sustainable energy consuming nation. Provisions were made for this from the Energy Act 2011 but the precise details are currently under assessment in a government consultation process which has only very recently been launched. The basic principle of the incentive is known, and down below are the facts and underpinning ideas which are known in regards to the scheme.

The core feature or modus operandi of this fresh green deal is that it will clear away the requirement for consumers to pay out upfront for their solar panel installation. As it stands an average sized solar panel installation will cost you around ?10,000, an sum of money very few folks have lying around. However with this new incentive people who like the thought of solar panels but who couldn’t necessarily afford them before, suddenly have a new avenue to explore and a way of getting a solar panel installation on their rooves.

where can I get ‘green deal’ solar panel installations from?

Don’t assume all solar panel installer will end up being able to provide this sort of system. The green deal restrictions means that installers have to be accredited, and will be controlled by reems of legal guidelines to protect the consumer. In fact there is a green deal code of practice which installers will be required to comply with if they’re to retain the green deal installer accreditation.

simply what does this mean for the solar panel industry?

Although this is just in early stages in the consultation procedure the green deal does stand for a potential means for the industry to get back on its feet. Not only this but customers can have easier access to sustainable and green energy production technology. The only issue that remains now is to check out the conclusions of the consultation process!

The article author works closely with Shropshire based solar panel installers Solar Days who deliver good quality solar panels to businesses and residences that may benefit from the green deal inducement scheme.

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