Free Android Phones offers: How to Secure Them

Have you heard of the new Android phone? It has been creating quite a buzz in the cellular phone market nowadays because of its interesting features. As touch screen phones become more and more in demand among consumers, you will definitely have your hands full when you shop for a new mobile phone. This new touch screen phone, the Android phone, offers even better features than the pioneer in touch screen, the more popular iPhone.

Because of this new Droid phone’s popularity, free Droid phone giveaways have also increased. There are several advertisers that offer free trial giveaways. In fact, when you type in free Android phone in your search engine, quite a number of offers will surely pop out.

You can find a lot of site online that offer such free android phone opportunities. A number of droid phones are being offered as giveaways for consumers to “test drive”. Some advertisers also offer free Droid phones to somewhat test market preference and to gather valuable research data. There are some sites that will ask you to sign up using your email address to avail of the free phone offer while others will require you to give out your name and address.

Having different programs offering different free Droid phones, consumers are given the opportunity to sign up with more than one offer if they so desire, giving consumers the chance of getting extra free Droid phones for their family.

Motorola Droid phone is now one of the most sought after touch screen phones on Verizon today. You can now get it at a discounted price of $19.90 at Wirefly. It comes with a two-year Verizon contract plus free activation. But here’s an even better deal. Dell is now offering a free Android phone with a new Verizon Wireless account. However, this new deal only applies to first time Verizon subscribers. If you are already a Verizon subscriber, and only wishes to renew your contract, you will still be charged $19.90 for the phone.

This Droid phone runs on the latest Android 2.0. It has a sleek design and features a full touch screen of 3.7 inch with high definition resolution. It comes with a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard, making it easier to navigate and do texting. This new touch screen phone is equipped with a 5.0 MP camera that lets you record videos; it has an auto-focus feature and a dual LED flash. It also comes with a 16GB pre-installed memory card with an option for a 32GB capacity. It lets you connect to the internet using Wi-Fi connectivity. It also has GPS capability, an accelerometer, and a proximity sensor.

As if these wonderful features are not enough to propel its popularity. There is no doubt that the Motorola Droid phone is becoming one of the hottest Android phones today. Since lot of those sites offering freebies only require you to sign up with your email address, you have absolutely nothing to lose when going for a free android phone offer.

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