KC 300 Sterling Xtra Nitrile Gloves For Health Care Use

Nosocomial infections or known as the infections acquired in a medical facility is very common among health care professionals. It is either they acquire the particular disease or they transmit to other people, which could be a big health problem to consider. This supports the claim that 25% of the infections regarding health care professionals are related to improper handling of patients. Some health care professionals tend not to observe proper handling of the patients body fluids thereby exposing them to several infections. Hence, the Centre for Disease Control or widely known as CDC recommends a frequent washing of the hands in order to take away the microorganisms that a person come in contact with. Utilization of gloves and other protective gears are also advisable especially in handling blood and body fluids to serve as barrier against bacterial contamination.

It is always a protocol to provide care to other people without compromising the provider’s health. Health care professionals at any areas in the industry should constantly observe proper sterile technique for them to be protected. Even though they already know it, some individuals forget to apply the basic principles of sterility while others are having a problem with the gloves they are utilizing. There are some people who tend not to be compatible with the Latex gloves. Actually, Latex gloves are very common and this is what is usually used in the hospitals or clinics however; some people are allergic to it. With that, it is necessary to find another glove alternative that is not made of Latex. This could be the KC300 Sterling Xtra Nitrile Gloves which are manufactured by Kimberly Clark. This has been made by such company to give the users an optimal comfort and ease when placed on the hands. The soft texture that it has makes it very easy to use and its length is 12 inches which protects even the wrist area.

Sterling Xtra Nitrile Gloves provides an excellent fit and strength. It does not easily tear even if the user will stretch it several times. Regardless of the size, the gloves grips easily to the hands which do not bring trouble to health care professionals, especially those that are handling surgical operations. This type of gloves has a thickness of around 4-mil and it ensures protection to every user. The features are great and some people might see it as expensive. Well, Kimberly Clark sells the cheapest surgical gloves and they even promise to beat the price of the glove products having cheaper value. This is certainly an advantage because people who are in the medical field can have cheap gloves at great quality. They even provide discount coupons to lessen the cost a lot more. Any interested buyers can purchase the gloves in several drug stores or through online. There are websites in the internet that sells KC 300 Sterling Xtra Nitrile at various sizes. They will ship the items immediately to the given address once payment has been verified by the buyer.

For more information on Sterling Xtra Nitrile Gloves, visit the 87-3137 KC300 Sterling Xtra Nitrile Gloves product page.

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