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Goose hunting is an very well-liked past time loved by many in the course of the United States. Before you head out on your up coming hunt, know your prey and be prepared. The next is a basic break down and description of the Canadian goose which includes its habit, geographical range, feeding, and mating routines.

Also known as: Canada Goose, Bay Goose, Black-headed Goose, Calling Goose, Canada Brant, Wild Goose, Grey Goose, Honker

Canadian geese are wild geese, and native to the arctic and temperate regions of North The united states. They breed in mild permission in Canada and the northern components of the United States, and reside in varying routines. Canadian geese inhabit ponds, lakes, streams, marshes, and fields and typically nest in elevated locations. They undergo seasonal migrations during the autumn months of the calendar year in between September and November, and journey in a “V”-formed formation.

Canadian geese are herbivores, but might from time to time feed on little fish, insects, and other invertebrates. They graze on both equally land and water to get meals. Canadian geese mainly feed on vegetation such as grass roots, sprouts, and aquatic vegetation. They will also feed on grains this sort of as wheat, beans, rice, and corn when readily available. Canadian geese feed by dipping its bill underneath the surface area in shallow waters to attain food they may also dive beneath the surface area to feed on seaweed and other sorts of aquatic vegetation.

Breeding occurs in the early spring in between the months of March and June depending on geographical spot. Canadian geese have an considerable breeding variety and kind nests in open parts in the vicinity of shorelines and waterways. They are monogamous in nature and on mating will continue to be with each other for daily life. The incubation time period is roughly twenty-eight times long and females generally generate 3 to 8 eggs. In the course of the incubation interval adults lose their flight feathers and continue being grounded till their eggs hatch. When hatched younger geese will continue to be with their mothers and fathers right up until immediately after the spring migration. Upon reaching adulthood geese are preyed on by coyotes, foxes, owls, eagles, and falcons.


Total duration: 20-fifty inches

Wingspan: 50-68 inches

Weight: seven-14 pounds

Canadian geese are huge birds and are general brownish gray in coloring with white undersides. They have a lengthy black neck, black head, crown, and invoice with a white band, which runs from ear to ear, and underneath its chin. Canadian geese have limited black tails that are white beneath. They also have black legs and webbed feet.


Canada, United States, Kamchatka Peninsula, eastern China, and Japan

Long Island is enduring additional Canada goose problems this yr than actually before. Admittedly, the very last few weeks of winter season often see the most geese in major flocks passing north use Long Island as a relaxation stop. They join the numerous thousands of birds that possibly winter season the following or that stay calendar year-round in the New York metro location.

Previous week, we received several cries for aid. Two calls arrived within just an hour of just about every other from desperate homeowners. More than one particular hundred geese had turned up out of the blue a week prior to to foul their properties. A single of the callers hadn’t witnessed a goose on her property in seventeen several years. We also acquired calls from another two Long Island-dependent organizations seeking urgent remedies to their geese difficulties. The discounts were concluded inside a several hours resulting in two additional new clients for GEESE OFF!

Throughout the island people are reporting a lot of additional geese than common – more flocks, much larger flocks. GEESE OFF! is nonetheless combating a sizable migrant flock of some 300 geese in Mill Neck on the north shore of Long Island. These birds come from northern Quebec. They spend each winter season in and around Lattingtown, Mill Neck Bay, Oyster Bay and Centre Island.

Collared geese

How do we know where they’re from? Easy – for the final 6 several years we’ve been seeing some of this flock sporting peach-coloured neck collars with large white figures on them. We jot down the figures and dial them into a particular phone line for the US Fish & Wildlife Expert services office that discounts with migratory bird counts. A few weeks afterwards, we acquire a certificate telling us where by the geese had been banded. The certificate delivers the birds’ intercourse, their age and the name of the wildlife biologist accountable for the banding. The male who bands the Mill Neck geese is a Quebecois. He captures and collars the birds up in the tundra through the summer time molt when they are unable to fly. All in all, we see about fifty geese with his collars.


But why have these Extended Island geese been so several and so persistent around the previous two weeks? As brought up in our preceding website, the geese on Very long Island lost a whole lot of precious feeding time in the course of the snow storms that blanketed the island in February. They’re battling to rebuild their entire body fat in preparation for their extended migrations. Meanwhile, feminine resident geese are also restocking their larders in order to have plenty of in shop for the 28 times they will shell out incubating their eggs in April. They will take in minor when they sit on the nest.

Spring relief

March 21, the very first day of spring, will dawn an unique day. Calendar year following calendar year, we’ve noticed dramatic declines in the quantity of geese on Extended Island close to that date. Up in Westchester and Putnam Counties, we by now noted flocks of twenty to fifty geese flying higher on the back again of very last week’s southerly breezes just before the weekend rain storms grounded the flights. Much more birds will soon follow. At the identical time, a lot of nesting resident geese have previously returned to their home ponds to start off the nesting course of action.

For through a decade a lot of Canada geese have been undertaking the unpredicted – they are not heading again to Canada. As a consequence, the Northeast United States has develop into household to an alarming number of these problematic birds. Tighter Federal and State protecting laws coupled with the adjusted migration designs of these birds have contributed to their settlement and expansion. From Connecticut to New York and the rest of the Tri-State spot, populations of Canada geese are leading to serious complications for the locations they carry on to settle in.

The problem with these 5 million or so resident Canada geese is that the common total grown goose eats 3 lbs of grass a day, which is kindly returned by way of a 1.five lb bundle of droppings. For most people today, this may possibly not be of considerably problem. For property owners with sprawling lawns of good value, however these Canada geese are considerably more than just a nuisance.

The escalating sum of 12 months-spherical geese settlers has led to major troubles for the New York, Westchester, Putnam, Duchess, Extended Island, and Southern Connecticut places. Significant flocks of geese are resulting in destruction and posing human wellness pitfalls in parks, waterways, golf courses, residential parts, company campuses, cemeteries and universities. According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal Well being Inspection Service, “[Goose]Complications include around-grazed lawns, accumulations of droppings and feathers on perform parts and walkways, nutrient loading ponds, public well being issues at beaches and consuming h2o materials, intense behavior by nesting birds, and safety hazards around roads and airports”.

For property owners whose landscapes are plagued by the Canada goose, it is critical to utilize each a safe and successful technique for discouraging these pest-like birds who recurrent their lawns. Men and women with Canada goose issues generally make the mistake of using harmful or speedy fixes like poisons, noisemakers, grid wire, and plastic replicas of goose predators. Not only are these methods short-term, but they can be harmful. It is crucial (for the two the natural environment and one’s wallet) to make the intelligent option of working with risk-free and humane goose management alternatives that last.

The Canada goose difficulty is rising in the Northeast. Even so, goose complications don’t need to be your troubles with regional businesses who are offered to present safe and helpful remedies to the rising range of avian immigrants from the north.

Did you know Canada geese mate for existence? They are a single of the few species that are monogamous. They invest their complete everyday living with a single mate. They also have a close loved ones bond. Youthful continue being with their mothers and fathers for a whole yr and both mom and father consider equal obligation for nest making and youngster treatment. Jointly the pair guards, teaches, and feeds their kids until finally they are all set to fly off on their own. In order to facilitate courtship, mating and parenting the few engages in a good deal of lively dialogue. They have a significant repertoire of vocalizations each with diverse meanings. Some scientists feel they also have designed a complete assortment of non verbal steps and signals which are employed for communication. Mates guard a single a different. I read an account of a Canada Goose who attacked a hunter on a horse immediately after the marksman had shot his mate. The angry male swooped down on the unsuspecting fellow and virtually knocked him appropriate out of the saddle and on to the floor. When their associate dies, some geese may research out a new mate, but several simply remain solitary for the relaxation of their lives.

The famous theologian and writer Soren Kierkegaard once utilised the daily life of a goose as an illustration for a lesson he was hoping to instill in his visitors. He understood what an excellent illustration animals can often be to people. The Canada Goose is a part design for human beings in quite a few approaches. It continues to be dedicated to one spouse. Males and females take little one rearing significantly and share the obligations concerned. A near relatives life is important to survival. Repeated communication is crucial.

The following time you spot a pair of Canada Geese take time for a second search and a very little individual reflection. What they have to instruct us is hardly “for the birds.”

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