XRanker 14-Day Trial Exceeds Expectations Best Page Rank Tool on the Net

My initial review of the XRanker Pro 7.0 page rank tool and a report of my results.

In searching for an Alexa ranking tool to improve my Alexa rankings, I decided to try the XRanker free trial since it stated there would be results in the first several days and I would have 14 days to try out this product. This review is to report my results in Alexa rankings in the first several days, and share whether I would recommend this Google ranking tool to others who are looking for a rank builder.

After I signed up for the 14-day trial for XRanker, I was sent to the download page along with very simple instructions. This is definitely not a difficult page rank tool, in fact, it was a snap to install.

Once this Google ranking tool was installed, I logged into Alexa.com and made a note of my Alexa ranking. It was US 148,586, which seems about normal since this was a relatively new site. The next day, I checked my Alexa ranking and it was US 136,840 the very next day. I was impressed with this rank builder, even more than I thought I would be.

The second day I checked my Alexa rankings for the third time, and my score had dropped to US 119,425. See, the lower the number, the higher the Alexa ranking (for whatever reason, it’s just the way Alexa ranks). The third day, I checked my Alexa rankings and it adjusted a bit to US 114,913. I was still impressed.

While XRanker claims to be a quick search engine ranking tool, I was still quite amazed to see the results for myself. In only three (3) days, I saw my site’s Alexa ranking drop from US 148,586 to US 114,913. Today it is US 94,347 so within the first several days, this rank building software will actually work to drop your site’s Alexa rankings.

With constant use, I can really imagine how low (or high) my Alexa rankings will be. All the major search engine rankings will follow in increasing my rankings as they look to Alexa.com for important information on your web site. Based on the results I experienced from this rank building software within the first several days, I would highly recommend XRanker if you are searching for a fast and efficient Alexa ranking tool for your web site(s).

For more information on XRanker,? or sign up for a 14-day trial – click here.

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