Moxxor Review-A Critical Third Party Review Of Moxxor

Why pick my Moxxor Review? Well, I believe I can provide some good insight and being a third-party not affiliated with Moxxor my opinion is unbiased. Whether you are a potential business opportunity seeker or just wanting to learn more about the products my article can help either way. I’ll discuss all aspects – company to marketing techniques. So sit back, relax and let’s begin.


This California-based company was originally founded in New Zealand back in 1980. Brothers, Noel and John Turner, originally started the company to share the powerful antioxidant properties and high Omega-3 content of New Zealand’s greenlip mussels. Their goal was to create and manufacture the best anti-aging and nutritional products in the world.


As stated above, anti-aging products and nutritional products are the main commodities with the focus being the great benefits from greenlip mussels because they contain omega-3 boosters and antioxidants. Scientists of the company unraveled the powers that these little sea creatures hold and extracted the valuable oils to use as a potent ingredient in staving off a numerous diseases. Omega-3 oils can be found in dozens of sources but the single most potent source is the greenlip mussel. My Moxxor review found this company to be the only to succeeded in marketing this product. They’ve enhanced this product by combining it with two great sources of antioxidants, actually the best in the world (grape seed and kiwi fruit seed). The extracts from the three ingredients produce the most powerful reverse aging product all over the globe. Moxxor knows they have a good thing and with such uniquenss. They now hold patents on their products.


The Moxxor review of the compensation plan: they provide 9 different ways to get paid – Profits from retail, Fast Start Bonuses, Binary Team Commissions, Check Matching Bonuses and other bonus pools. Basically these ways are broken down into two categories: upfront income and residual income. Overall, Moxxor, like most companies allows you to earn income in a multitude of ways. The main objective is to increase overall organizational volume (build a big team). This will gradually increase your amount of residual income. Meanwhile you can work at obtaining those other bonuses.


I believe Moxxor is a great company. The Turner brothers who founded Moxxor have a prodigious vision and their product really sells itself. The comp plan is pretty good too. If you join the business I don’t foresee any problems. Of course, I don’t foresee problems because I assume you have been trained, educated and prepared yourself for online marketing?…If I’m mistaken then allow me to help.

97% of network marketers fail because they don’t really know what they’re doing. They take traditional “salesman” techniques and try to apply them to the online world. This has been proven over and over again not to work. In order to market you must have had quality training and invested heavily in yourself. This includes learning the skills like sponsoring, personal branding, lead generation and especially marketing through networking. Success with your Moxxor business requires a working knowledge of these things plus true dedication and time. Learn to build your Moxxor downline by being like the top earners. Follow in their footsteps.

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