Sports Functions of your HTC Rezound Cellphone

Whenever there is a release of a super phone in the market there is always an intended market or consumer. Some are designed for business people and some for general matters. Sport fanatics have always been forgotten in the mobile phone revolution but no with the HTC Rezound.

Mobile industry has been revolutionized with the premier introduction of HTC Rezound. It’s not just a mobile phone and it contains several applications that are beyond your imagination. You can perform versatile functions with the help of this smart phone. You may use it as business tool, entertainment tool or a communication device but it will keep you updated with hot news apart from these basic functions. Instead of doing all the odd jobs of searching through the sites and search engines for news updates let your phone do the odd job for you.

With this mobile phone all you are required to do is download a sports application that will be giving you daily updates on the sports arena. The application does the entire job for you, getting all the news and events that are happening and notifying you when there is any latest news. You also get to choose your favorite sport or sports person and you will be able to get the current news happening around them. This application runs under the Android platform which is the latest mobile operating system with high functionality, applications manager and multi tasking capabilities.

The screen will neither let you down when getting all your news updates. It has 4.3″ screen and it is a good size screen to give a clear display. This screen is crystal clear and you can enjoy videos and text without any problem. If you enjoy watching sports outdoors then you will want the HTC Rezound screen protector which is the perfect accessory for when it comes to keeping your touch screen safe from dirt and scratches. Moreover, this protector will help to avoid finger prints and scratches.

You will be receiving updates in form of text and video. For sports video updates, you are able to view the videos streaming online thanks to the flash player that comes pre-loaded in the handset. You just need to click the play button and your desired video will start running smoothly. All the applications that run on the super phone are available in the online market store; some are available for freeware while some come with a price. But before downloading any application, just make sure that you need that particular program to avoid junk software.

The HTC Rezound accessories are the best way to not only protect your phone but to also make it more stylish while also enhancing its features. For example, when you want to view the sports video on a larger screen than the 4.3″ screen, you can simply link your handset with a large screen. You just need a software application that will help to link two devices. Another very essential item is the HTC Rezound case. The case provides protection to your screen against scratches and dust. The cases are normally designed to add to the beauty of the handset hence your Smartphone will still posses that sleek look.

If you already own the HTC Rezound and are looking for HTC Rezound accessories, then visit Exclusive Mobile Shop Rezound.

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