Lioness: Hidden Treasures Album in Stores December 2nd 2011

Contains 12 tracks, “Lioness: Hidden Treasures” album is filled with unreleased songs who are compressed together by Salaam Remi. This album will be in stores available worldwide. Many fans were shocked via the tragic death of Amy Winehouse who was just 27 years of when she was killed. Pop music has definitely changed with the better with your ex amazing vocal talent. Her presence not really along with us, but this album shall be released to honor their job she has create just for her fans. This album is essential when you’re hot for Amy Winehouse.

“Our Day Will Come” is definitely old song which she helped recover that put her name over to the earth which after that year she got signed by Island Records. Within the later years, she started collaborating with famous musical artists which then helped boost her career. She’d a comforting voice that the majority of people admire. Accompanied by a wide group of fans, she is constantly on the impress her fans with well written songs. Although she isn’t with us anymore, her inspired work will launch with the public. Keep in mind that the songs on that album aren’t what she had to release while she used to be alive. Undoubtedly those who were all over her didn’t want her remaining work to go unnoticed. Which is why this album had to be released showing everything she actually is still in our midst even with her death.

Men and women are already referring to the “Lioness Hidden Treasures” album little one it’s released. You’re able to contribute by respecting the process she has make around the world and get a replica of this album when it’s for sale. For all of us have been never hot for Amy Winehouse, now is the truly amazing possiblity to pay respect to another kid that helped many of us around the globe along with her music. Despite the fact her tragic death could have been preventable, we still have to enjoy what’s left. Times are tough with what sort of economy is today; discovered learn to really cherish bygone times to increase the destiny for that children.

Lioness Hidden Treasures Amy Winehouse

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