Benefit of Article Submission after Panda Update

Google made major algorithm update last February to better their SERP results. They want to promote positive user experience and driving hard to get their SERP results more and more relevant. With so many junk sites only intended to promote product and services, Google users were finding it difficult to find a legitimate resource site that provide credible information. More commercial the site is in nature, less credible the site is because the primary objective the site has is to make money. Article submission service providers therefore having a hard time coping with this turmoil in SEO industry and working on coming up with a service that will help the users of article submission get the kind of benefit they used to get before the update.

One important aspect we need to keep in mind which is, the article will need to get indexed before you can get a backlink from it. If you are using a mass article submission service, then you will be publishing a lot or articles in a short period of time. Over time, only a small percentage of those articles will be seen by search engines and get indexed. So just submitting the articles don’t give the benefit of backlinks, it is the indexing job that does.

Since Google will no longer index the duplicate content, all the duplicate articles submitted to the article directories will be ignore by Google. Only way to get them indexed is by pinging the articles and sending the feed services notification about new content. Upon getting those notifications, search engine bots visit the article pages and get some of them indexed. Without doing this step, article submission service is not valuable at all. After all, there is no point in submitting the article in the first place if search engines will never find them.

Some article submission service providers go to extreme length in providing their services. They not only submit the article but also ping the links, collect the direct links to the articles and them bookmarks those links. Some even build forum profile links to the article pages to send more link juice to the newly published articles. With all those backlinks form various different sources; Google will have no other option to just index the articles. If you can buy into one of these article submission services, you will definitely get the value of the whole deal.

So even tough after Panda update article submission is not what it used to be, it is clear that we still can rip the reward out of this method. Just need to do an extra-ordinary job in submitting the articles to make sure the link juice still flows.

The difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary is the word “extra.“ If you do that extra measure, you get the benefit out of it. If you do what any other average Joe does, then you get the same result as well which is pretty much nothing. Therefore, you will need to pick your article submission service provider wisely.

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