Jeunesse Opportunity Reveals How To Earn 100% Commissions In This Review

Are you wondering if Jeunesse Global is legitimate? I’m here to provide insight in that matter and will discuss who they are as a company, what they sell and what kind of compensation plan they offer. I’ll also share some insider secrets to help fuel your success. As always I advise the reader to also do their own research before jumping into any opportunity. Visit the Jeunesse website for more indepth information.
Founders of Jeunesse

The people behind Jeunesse hold an incredible track record. Co-founders Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray have been active network marketers for more than 16 years. Each has been a successful distributor as well as a company owner. They’ve grown their business by hiring several experienced people to be on their corporate team and their international management team as well as their medical advisory board too. In addition, Jeunesse had the great distinction, of any MLM company in the history of the world, to achieve the fastest growing international expansion honor. The last project they did paid 77 million in commissions plus generated over 100 million in sales volume over a 2 year period. If that wasn’t enough they’ve also created 15 millionaires so, it’s obvious to see that founder Lewis and Ray know exactly what they’re doing. Jeunesse is currently based in Florida and does business all over the US plus many Asian countries, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Thailand.

Products of Jeunesse

This company markets skin care and nutritional products. They have partnered with Dr. Nathan Newman, a leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and pioneer of stem cell technology. Together they’ve created a line of anti-aging products. Dr. Newman pioneered a technology which he uses to remove the scars of aging and fix bad plastic surgeries. The technology is called “Stem Cell Lift”. This technology, Jeunesse Global and Dr. Newman have created an exquisite product line for its consumers. They have 3 main products:

The first product – a paraben-free cellular rejuvenation serum called Luminesce. It’s intended to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This serum contains a rare formula derived from adult stem cells plus contains some human growth factors. It’s all natural and has no side effects.
The second product – a daily moisturizing complex. This is geared to women as well as men and is designed to provide anti-wrinkle benefits.
The third product – a health product called Reserve. Reserve delivers antioxidants in a gel form it also helps promote a healthy immune system plus increases metabolisym, improves digestion, cardiovascular function and helps with cholesterol.

Business Opportunity of Jeunesse

To get started, you’ll have to purchase a distributor kit plus one initial order of product(s). Next, you’ll have to maintain a monthly autoship order of that product. The compensation plan of this business pays out in a couple of different ways. You can make up-front income through retail profits and/or new customer acquisitions. There’s back-end income including team commissions and 3 different bonuses. In addition, Jeunesse has incentive trips for their top leaders based on performance.

Jeunesse Global is definitely a solid business with a fantastic leadership team. They chosen a great target market and they bring forth groundbreaking, patented technology which caters to specific targeted markets. Overall, they’re a winner. Of course, picking the right company to join is only 40% of the battle. The rest falls upon your own shoulders. You are the reason of your own success. And, in order to be successful you gotta know what you’re doing, generate leads and have a good operating budget. Most network marketers fall short in the operating/marketing budget. You don’t have to anymore…not when there’s Empower Network available to us. Creators David Wood and David Sharpe have come to the rescue again with 100% commissions deposited directly into your bank account. How could 100% commissions help your Jeunesse business?

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