Is The Amsoil Business Opportunity Scam Real?

Thinking about joining the Amsoil business opportunity? Do you think the Amsoil scam is real? My post will help answer some of the questions you have plus clear up some misconceptions. It will also provide some great tips on how to be successful in your business opportunity. First, I applaud you for doing your due diligence and researching this company on your own. It still amazes me how many people jump into things without ever knowing what they’re getting involved in. There are a ton of people who join on impulse or emotion and next thing they know they’ve lost everything all because they failed to look up the company or read a few reviews. Then they cry “internet scam” because of it and us network marketers get a bad rap. So, hats off to you for doing your homework.

~ Negative Reviews ~

First off, the Amsoil scam allegations are simply not true. If you joined or read of those that joined and didn’t understand the business opportunity presented, then it’s not the fault of the company. Sorry, but many reviews are from unhappy customers or distributors who never made it big. They then go from website to website creating negative reviews. Face it, people love to complain and are quick to tell someone about it or (now-a-days) write about it on the internet but rarely does someone ever take the time to write about a positive experience, right? When was the last time you were very happy with something and actual made the effort to write about it? See what I mean? So, don’t get all caught up with these opposing reviews you come across.

~ Making Money ~

Second of all, you CAN make money with this company. The amount of money directly depends on you. It all boils down to two things: 1) your efforts of selling the product(s) and 2) recruiting others to also sell the product(s). These are pretty much the 2 major factors and really the only 2 ways to make money with this company or any company for that matter.

~ Failure ~

Third, the questions that gets asked so often, “If there isn’t an Amsoil scam then why do so many people fail? Statistically, 95-97% of all people who begin a direct selling business fail. The main reason, because they do not treat this business seriously. People believe they can buy into a business opportunity, like Amsoil, and magically all financial problems are alleviated. In reality all internet business are are just opportunities to make money – not guarantees. Becoming or being an entrepreneur challenges all aspects of ones character, and believe me it’s a hard pill to swallow (finding out what you’re made of).

Another reason why many falter is lack of marketing experience and not because of some Amsoil scam. Amsoil and most other companies will tell you to simply approach your warm market (family, friends, co-workers, aquaintances, etc.) and sell to them. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this tactic. Many industry giants became successful this way. But…it’s not something everyone can do either. It’s kind of uncomfortable and you gotta be a good speaker and people person to really capture someone’s interest to buy what you’re selling.

~ Success Tip ~

Lastly, if there is no Amsoil scam then how can someone succeed and make any money? Listen up, most people in Amsoil will overlook this and as a result lose out on making money. Since we’ve already discussed that the Amsoil scam allegations aren’t true, let’s discuss what you need to know – how to market! Success with any company will first begin with a mindset and a hunger. You’ve got to want success so bad that you are willing to learn all you can about selling, recruiting and marketing. You’re gonna have to give up some personal time and devote a few hours a day to this – – to your success, your future, your financial freedom! One major reason Amsoil reps don’t succeed and claim scam is due to lack of a marketing budget. People join get amped about making tons of money but as the months roll by (maybe get a few sign ups) it’s nothing like they expected. It takes a toll and they start wondering where the budget for the next few months is going to come from if this Amsoil business doesn’t start producing.

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