Getting Over The “I Need To Think About It” Objection

All network marketers will run into this objection at some point in their business. it’s just a matter of time before you do. It doesn’t matter what type of sales you are in you will need to overcome this excuse. Now I’m not saying that the prospect is being disingenuous they do need to think about their decision. Considering that only a small percentage of the population have a left brain personality the odds are it’s an EXCUSE!

The Think About It objection often causes many a marketers to stumble on their words. Try avoiding the “I Need To Think About It” objection all together. How do I do that? you’re probably asking yourself.

You need to extract the phrase that automatically opens the door for your prospect to give the think about it response.

“HUH, So What Did You Think?”

When you ask anybody this question it will send them to the left side of their brain and force them to Think About It.

Never ask your prospect what they thought of something in fact completely erase from your vocabulary the above question and replace it with this one.
“How did you feel about the information you saw?”

A very large percentage of buyers use their emotions when deciding to make a purchase. So it would make more sense to inquire about how your products or services made them feel rather then having them Think About It. Right?

After listening to how they felt about about your product/service you will be better informed about your prospects needs and problems. If the response continues to be I need to think about it, below are the three reasons they responded that way:

You said something that confused them so they feel
they need to now research it to clarify before they
can make an informed decision
They don’t like the product or it’s not what they
thought it was
They are concerned with the price

Here’s an exchange between a prospect and my self that seems to work very well:

“I want to think about it.”

“Sure no problem, but before you go may I ask something?”
(ask permission don’t be pushy)

“I have been in sales a long time and usually when someone says they have to think about it. it means one of three things; either there is a problem with the price, the product or it is something I said or did. Which one of these is it
for you?”

90% of the time the customer appreciates that you are being up front with them and it sometimes helps to lower their guard.If you approach this in a respectful manner the customer will usually tell you the real reason for their objection.
I guarantee next time you hear those words
“I’ll Have To Think About It”
if you just implement what I just laid out you will have a different outcome 8 out of 10 times.
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