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When we are babies we are parented by our parents and when we reach maturity we parent our children. So Parenting is a part of everyone’s life throughout. Down below are few tricks and suggestion that can assist mothers in parenting.

Practice before you preach: I am sure all folks believe this. You can’t expect your teenager to stop drinking cold water if you yourself drink it in front of him. preschooler will never accept prohibition if they see you doing it. For them whatever you do is right.

Consistency: This is the most valuable if you want your toddler to take you seriously.
If you have told your children about an aftereffect when he is asked not to do anything and you don’t implement it if needed, then your children gets the clear message that its fine to break rules as there is no punishment for breaking it.

Let child contribute at home: I mean let your preschooler do few help at home, few chores. Of course they shouldn’t be paid for this. The main knack is to make them realize that in a family everyone has to contribute, that’s the concept of a family.

Encourage and praise regularly: Praising and encouraging children is very important. This helps them built an affirmative self image and self esteem which is very much needed at every turn of their life especially in their teens. When they act positively, always praise them. Too much of criticism is not good for children. Criticism gives them a bad self image as a result they have inferiority complex.

Accept their short comings: children lack maturity. That’s anything we all know, because of which they are incapable to think logically. They can only see one side of any matter. And they think that’s the truth. So as a parent learn to accept their thoughts. As they grow up this will change.

Let them be independent: As a parent the goal should be to keep doing less and less things for your teenager as they keep growing. Pampering them by taking care of everything they need makes them totally dependant on you. At some point in time they will have to go out of the house without you, they will have to face the world alone. You need to prepare them for that from the childhood.

Be a good role model: Remember that child are very good imitators. They do what they see. As they see their folks very closely so it’s quite natural that they imitate them in every way. So always remember that you are being watched.

So basically the technique is to keep in mind what we want our kids to be when they grow up. We have to start molding them that way since childhood. Read more articles on parenting and to download some free parenting e-Books visit the below website.

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