How to cure colic

quick fix for colic is onething that almost all parents of new born babies look for. From my observation I can for sure say that there is no single medicine that can give relief. Different cures work for different babies at different times. You might realize that one medication works for your infant in the first few weeks then after sometime it doesn’t work. So the best way is to keep trying all the different cures that are recommended to you and see which works best for your toddler.

The most common medication that’s mentioned and used world over is gripe water. It’s quite effective most of the times, so start off with this and see if it works. Then the other solution can be that consult your pediatrician so depending on the symptoms he can prescribe some medication. Then the most important is if the mother is feeding the baby, what is she eating? Avoid spicy food, orange juice, at times even if you are taking cow’s milk that can cause colic. When you feed him try to keep him in upright position as much as possible because that helps in passing the wind.
Then other helpful quick fix could be getting the baby’s body massaged by an experienced kid massage instructor. This helps in soothing and relaxing the entire body. Then there are some massage techniques also, especially for the stomach and the back that you can use for reliving colic. Lot of parents have reported that these techniques work wonderfully.
There is another technique that’s worth a try. It’s called the 5 S’s. They are as follows

Swaddling: Wrap the child tightly with hands on the side in a blanket. This basically gives the toddler the feeling of being in the womb. This also stops the uncontrollable arms and leg movements and calms the baby a lot. Try to keep the child this way for about 10 hours in a day.
Side/stomach soothing: when your infant is in too much pain, make him lie down on his side or on the stomach for sometime. This soothes the colic pain a lot. But remember never put the little one to sleep on his stomach as this increases the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).
Shushing sounds: When the child in the womb there is a constant sound of the blood flowing in the mother’s arteries. Since the infant has got used to that sound, if you are able to recreate that sound, the little one finds it very soothing and falls off to sleep very easily. You can either try doing a shushing sound in your baby’s ear or there are lots of products available in the market for recreating this sound.
Swinging: Rhythmic movement liking rocking, swinging in your arm, movement in a car or in a child carrier also soothes the baby.
Sucking: Giving your infant a pacifier to suck or a bottle nipple or mother’s nipple also soothes the kid.

Visit the website below to check out the Bowen technique for colic and the sound track to put your infant to sleep.

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