Pass the CPA Exam With These Helpful Tips

Passing the CPA exam may be a frustrating task, particularly if you have heard of the multitudes of people that have had to take more than one section multiple times before ultimately passing the CPA. Below are several CPA exam tips that have helped me in the past, and I’m quite confident that they will help you also. You will pass the CPA exam, eventually – it is inevitable unless you give up.

1)Obtain the Correct Outlook
Passing the CPA is by no means easy. This is a great undertaking that will call for a lot of tenacity and time in order to succeed. Numerous people fail several sections multiple times before ultimately passing all 4 sections of the CPA exam. Ready yourself for the likelihood that you may fail multiple sections before passing them, and accept that as a normal part of the process of getting your CPA. Then again, you’d want to remind yourself of past achievements that serve as solid validation of your capabilities, e.g. getting your college degree. Countless other people have studied for and passed the CPA exam ultimately, and you also will.

2)Request Assistance From People Around You
Trying to pass the CPA is not an easy project, but you won’t need to go about it by yourself. You should request assistance from your friends and family members by explaining to them the reason why you want to get your CPA and how time-consuming and difficult this project is. If they are supportive of what you’re doing, they may assist you with some of your present duties (for example chores such as cleaning & cooking), and will understand if you can’t make it to every social gathering.

3)Be Physically Healthy
Poor health has harmful outcomes on concentration, which in turn can greatly impact on your ability to think & study. Eat a well-balanced diet, get sufficient exercise, and most importantly, sleep for a minimal of six to eight hours each night, and take an afternoon nap if you must. As Well, don’t forget to schedule regular study breaks – they’ll assistance you to avoid feeling burnt out, and will also help you to absorb knowledge more easily when you resume after the study break. Preparing for the CPA exam can be quite a battle. In order to pass the exam, you need to keep both your body and mind in great condition.

4)Get a Reputable CPA Exam Review Program
Some of the better CPA exam review programs available on the market today are equipped with DVD lectures that clarify hard-to-understand concepts so much better than textbooks ever could. The best CPA exam review programs even include a list of practice exam questions for you to focus on, that have the highest likelihood of being found on the actual exam. The top CPA exam review programs offer live support that you can call to ask for further explanation on the study materials, and get answers and detailed clarification from live instructors. Without question, investing in a good CPA review program can drastically shorten your exam prep time and increase your odds of passing the CPA exam.

5)Find a Study Buddy Or Two
Locate people who are also preping for the exam in your geogrphical area and invite them to study with you. has a forum where you can post or answer to a request for study partners. Set up a strict schedule and ask everyone to commit to it by putting studying ahead of other obligations. Study buddies can help you to stay focused, and two (or three) heads are better than one when it comes to solving tough questions or problems. When you’re feeling frustrated, your study buddies may just be able to give you the emotional support you need to keep at it – after all, they’re in the same boat as you and should understand how you feel.

6)Concentrate on One Section At a Time
People find it overwhelming when trying to tackle all four CPA sections at the same time. There’s simply too much material to cram into your brain at the same time. A more manageable way would be to only focus on one single section at a time, pass the exam for that section, take a break, and then start studying for the next section etc. Another piece of advice would be to go for the hardest section first (the one that is hardest for you – this will vary from person to person), because once you pass your first section, you only have eighteen months to pass your other three sections. Getting rid of that hardest section first will minimize your chances of running out of time and having the 18-month window expire on you.

7)Concentrate on Difficult Areas
Although reviewing materials you know well will make you feel good, it likely won’t help your exam scores by much ultimately. To get the best ROI (rate of return) for your study time, spend it on learning material you have the most trouble with. Browse through all of your learning materials, identify your problem areas, and stay focused on them until you’ve conquered them.

8)Taking Notes is Important
It is crucial to take lots of notes when you’re studying, so that you’ll have something to study from during the last few days before the actual exam. Because you’ll be using mostly your short-term memory during the exam, materials you study during those last several days will be remembered best on your exam day. This small window of time is simply not sufficient for you to study all your materials from beginning to end, so be sure you have a comprehensive set of study notes that you can cram into your short-term memory during the last few valuable days before your exam.

9)Use a Timer
While you’re doing practice problems, time yourself like you’re actually doing the exam. This will train yourself to work under pressure and better prepare you for the actual exam. Moreover, by getting used to being timed, you’ll be less likely to panic on exam day when you have trouble answering a question.

10)The More Practice the Better
Do as many practice questions as you can, for as many times as you have time for. By doing so, you will understand the materials better, and also feel more positive about passing the exam – both of which will help increase your actual score!

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