Pass the CPA Exam By Choosing a Good CPA Review Course

A CPA review course can be indispensible to a student who’s preparing for the CPA exam. An useful review course will minimise study time as well as maximise the possibilities of successfully passing the CPA exam. With such a large number of different courses on the market today, it can be tricky to pick the one that best fits both criteria above. Some of the things you should think about when deciding on a CPA prep course are listed below.

1) Course Materials

Different courses are taught by different instructors, each of which will have an unique style of teaching. You should be on the look out for courses that are taught by instructors who are capable of making the toughest concepts easy to understand. Also note that the best instructors will make their lectures as efficient as possible by allocating more time to explaining the harder concepts and less time on the easier ones. Some courses offer samples of their lectures for you to view or listen to, so that you can get a feel of the lecturing style before deciding whether to buy the course or not. Alternatively, seek out online forums where other CPA-hopefuls gather, to read about their experiences with the various CPA courses, before making your final purchasing decision.
As well, the lectures can be made available through a range of media,e.g. live or recorded webcasts, CDs, DVDs, and/or USB. The portability and accessibility of the media the study contents are available in should be taken into consideration when evaluating a review course.

Also, when trying to decide on a review course, be certain to note any expiry dates for the course contents. Some questions and simulations software will become disabled at a certain time after activation. As well, some courses have lectures that are only made available to a student for a certain duration before the access expires. The best sort of course materials and software is the type that does not need access to the internet to view or use, and therefore doesn’t expire. If you must purchase the type that does expire, make sure that you’ll have ample time to digest the materials before it expires on you.

2) Practice Questions

Practice questions offer an alternative way to make sure students know the key ideas and are able to retain them. They help make it easy to retain through use of practical real world examples.

When it comes to practice questions, some CPA review courses take a complete overview by making the student do every question that has a minute of showing up on the CPA exam. While this may be the safest approach, it can also be quite time-consuming. Most students usually run out of either time or patience, or both, and never get around to completing many of the sample questions, meaning they are not fully prepared for the exam.

On the other hand, there are those review courses that do not offer sufficient sample questions to adequately prepare the student for the exam. It is far from ideal.

The best CPA review course will focus on the most probable questions likely to come up in the exam. This can be done by checking previous exams to identify questions that appear the most frequently. This will ensure the highest rate of return for the student’s study time by allowing the student to focus on areas that will probably matter the most.

3) Student Support

All CPA review courses offer some level of customer support. If ask questions and prefer speaking to instructors over the phone, then choose a review course which offers that service. Some courses offer limited student support while other courses provide email support. Other courses provide online message boards and forums to allow students to interact with lecturers and with each other. Obviously, you need to check whichever course you decide to buy offers the right level of support suitable for your requirements.

4) Frequency of Updates

Due to changes in accounting-related legislature amongst other things, CPA exam study materials need updated to reflect the changes on a regular basis. Some review courses update more frequently than others, so be sure to take this into consideration when choosing a course.

Something to consider, that has previously been mentioned, is cost. However, considering the typical substantial pay-raise that is experienced by many people after they become CPA-certified, it is advised that you choose a CPA review course based on quality and assistance from the instructors, rather soley on the cost. Bear in mind it is probable that one or more of the sections results in failure if the 2008 Uniform pass rate is anything to go by – the average pass rate was between 47.49% and 49.10%. You will not want to re-study for and re-sit sections of the exam just because you decided to save some cash through buying the cheapest course available.

Discover which CPA review courses is probably the most strongly recommended amongst the numerous CPA exam review courses you can find nowadays.

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