Cookies Edible QR Codes

There are too many things to count on how many innovative things individuals crafted which make use of QR codes. The good versatility of those two-dimensional matrix barcodes permits creative minds to even generate more concepts and ideas to get a variety of products.

For instance, a German biscuit business named QKies came up with bake-it-yourself cookies during which you can really place a kinda weird but unique and useful fast reaction (QR) codes right within this crispy kind of cake. The QR codes aren’t produced by those who purchase the cookies as it’s printed currently on edible paper (rice paper to become exact), put in a package deal, and integrated inside the box alongside using the mix of the cookie.

Because of the fact that QR codes are created with customers comfort in mind, you will have complete manage in the online contents embedded within the codes. The QR codes in the cookies direct scanners to some web content of one’s preference – be it a YouTube video clip, a photo on Flickr, or perhaps a personalized web page like greetings, obviously with the important communication personalized by you.

Might be funny, but yeah, you’ve to think it is much like of a technologically updated edition in the cookies you’ve seen prior to. Or perhaps an edible edition (it sounds better, eh?) of the greeting card which undoubtedly isn’t difficult to make — as what you’re going to do is simply grab a combine, bake, embellish the cookies, and pack them on gift basket. If you think of the issues which could cause you to generous, possess the cookies as giveaway for your friends and you’d be surprised to receive compliments for your uniqueness of one’s craft.

Believed of personalizing virtual message? Nicely, just take a glimpse in the instructions discovered in the package deal and you’ll see you’ll have the ability to personalize your virtual message very quickly.

And oh, we might sound like being compensated for endorsing QKies (but heck, we aren’t!), you are able to actually place an order for QKies bake-it- your self cookies with the company’s website for EUR 6.90 a box, which includes twenty QKies to create. Not bad, huh?

Thanks to the unique idea of using QR codes in cookies, it doesn’t just brings you towards the new era; but actually gives you the experience and see it yourself how it taste these pixilated codes like. And with QKies showing us the wonders of edible ink on rice cakes, surely we’ll discover plenty of edible QR code stories in the future.

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