CPA Exam Schedule – The Guidelines

The state board of accountancy is the one that assesses your readiness to go ahead and take the CPA examination. If they believe that you’re ready to take the examination, a Notice to Schedule or NTS will be sent to you. It’s only after you have received an NTS which you’ll be able to schedule your CPA examination. After you’ve received this notice, you’ll be able to make contact with Prometric Services so that you can schedule your time for one of the parts of the CPA exam. You’ll have to select the date, the time in addition to the place for the exam. You could also schedule the exam via the internet or even through the telephone.

Each and every year, you have 4 testing time periods which you’ll be able to select from. There are January and February, April , May, July , August, October and November. The exam days is dependent upon where you are and the availability of the testing times. Some areas have the CPA examination available six days each week, making it easier to schedule a time which meets your needs.

You will select which of the 4 parts you want to write. It is easy to do any of them in any specific test window, however if you fail an area, you cannot re-sit for it in the same time window. There is another rule that is applicable to those who take the CPA exam: you’ve got eighteen months to pass all four sections, the clock will start ticking from the moment whenever you pass the very first section.

Instead of taking numerous sections in the same window, it’ll be much better to spread them equally. It’s of general consensus that you should study for three months to get ready for each section, which causes it to be an awful idea to take more than one section of the examination in one test window, unless you have recently graduated from college and still remember the majority of of the material that you’ve learned.

Since you only get 18 months to pass all of the parts of the exam, it would be a great idea to take the sections that you find the most hard to start with. You are the only one who can identify which among the four sections is the most difficult for you. The best approach would be for you to think about the sections and then get them organized in order from the most hard to the least difficult. If regrettably, you failed one of the 4 sections, reschedule it immediately to the following window. By which, what you learned continues to be fresh.

The examination for future CPA’s is distinguished for its complexity. Generally, the pass rate for the CPA exam is low, hovering around 40 to 50%. However, enrolling into a dependable CPA review course is going to be useful for you because this can help you simplify concepts which you find it difficult to understand, also, this can help you respond to some questions which will also be raised during the actual CPA examination. Deciding on a great CPA review course provides you with more chances of passing the examination with only one take, so be careful in choosing the suitable review course for you.

Find out which CPA review courses is an extremely strongly suggested amongst the countless CPA exam review courses that you can buy nowadays.

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