Egyptian Cotton Bedding: The Ideal Christmas Gift For The Person Who Has Everything

As the freezing winter evenings draw in, it is in bed when most of us begin to feel the big chill. And if this Christmas season is as chilly as last then we’re facing icy feet and tossing and turning all night, getting out of bed in the small hours to source a blanket to throw on.

Ask yourself honestly; when was the last time you bought new bedsheets? Many people keep their bedding for years on end, slowly wearing them down in the wash and ruining their warmth and softness. What you thought were fine bed sheets 5 years ago might not be anymore.

Maybe you’ve been putting off buying new bedding. Coming to loggerheads in a store with a partner over potential sheets or the mumbo jumbo about thread counts and different kinds of cotton may have put you off. But you spend almost a third of your life in bed; surely you deserve some great bedding after a long, hard day? Top quality bed sheets are definitely worth investing in, they will provide a good night’s sleep and durability. And choosing from the wealth of styles and materials on the market might not be as confusing as you first thought.
Cotton is the most common bedding . There are many different varieties of cotton of different finishes and qualities. 100% cotton is a general expression used to describe any cotton of a non-premium quality. Organic cotton is an eco-friendly alternative to regular cotton, since it won’t have been produced using fertilizers or pesticides.

Egyptian Cotton has been the most coveted bedding for years because of its luxurious soft feel and its durability. But just 8% of global cotton produced comes from the same species as the plant used to make Egyptian Cotton. The long fibres within this cotton make yarns which are smaller in diameter yet stronger than other cottons. Smaller yarn means that there will be more threads per square inch, creating a durable fabric which is light in weight and breathes well. Egyptian Cotton is available in a sateen finish which brings a slight sheen to the fabric.

Silk bed sheets have a strong sheen to them along with a soft feel. They are very expensive however, and not as warm as Egyptian Cotton sheets. Mulberry silk is where the silk worms which spin the silk are fed a diet of Mulberry leaves, which produces a softer feeling material. Satin sheets offer the same sheen as silk but are much cheaper and less durable. They are also quite cool to touch however, so unless you have a very warm house both are mainly suitable for summer use.

Modal is a durable fabric constructed from beech pulp blended with cotton. There are also bamboo bed sheets, which blend the fast-growing Asian plant with cotton for an eco-friendly bedding.

In cotton sheets the thread-count indicates how many threads have been used to make fifty four inches. A higher thread-count usually indicates a more luxurious and smoother feeling fabric. Higher thread counts are generally warmer, and experts recommend looking for sheets of no less than a 200 thread count.

Crisp new bed sheets are the ideal Christmas gift for the person who has everything. They are the home furnishing used the most, yet least often replaced. Or how about treating yourself this Christmas? Sheets are the present nobody ever receives yet everybody needs. Snuggling down in some high-thread count Egyptian Cotton bed sheets is a great way to stay warm this winter.

Check out Brown’s of Weston for a broad range of bed linen, including luxurious 1000 thread-count Egyptian Cotton bed sheets at a competitive price.

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