Leisure Features of the Titan Cellphone

The HTC Titan has excellent capabilities in the field of video and multimedia, the right choice of software can get you the best productivity from these features. There are a plenty of video applications that this device can be loaded with to fetch the desired results. The smart phone comes along with windows media player by default but various applications are available to run video formats, which can be downloaded as per the need and liking.

There are many evaluation criteria that can be considered to find out the most suitable video application for the Titan. The windows default player that is installed in every HTC might be the best version in terms of reliability. The player can be counted as the best in terms of performance as it is particularly made for a phone. Though it might be best in many aspects but still lack in meeting some expectations of its users.

Another quite popular application that is used most widely in video applications category is Kinoma player. One of the advantages of the player happens to be that it can handle almost every video format. Although if not regularly updated, it may have some problem in reading some latest formats. Most significant factor in this respect is that the decoding and streaming is not always synchronized in some of the video formats that majorly depends on the bit rate of the file also. Any regular video format can be controlled well by this player. But if the video file has got corrupted or in case of highly compressed formats might demand for higher RAM usage and thereby would cause a delaying effect in playing certain video formats.

The Kinoma player has great reviews when it comes to streaming of videos from YouTube. This makes it a frontrunner as compared to other video players like skyfire which is another commonly used player among HTC community. The streaming might be dependent of the internet signal quality one has on the phone. The connectivity of the phone is superb as it is embedded with latest technologies of network selection in an intelligent manner. Other video applications can also support video conferencing and chats, but that may also affect the quality of the performance in plying various video formats.

The clarity of the video is mostly dependent on the quality of the video file. Your phone comes with a perfect resolution of 480 x 800 pixels WVGA screen which supports 24 bit of display of up to 16.7 million colors. Since the phone has a screen protector, will allow the user to further enjoy any video because the screen will be scratch free. The quality of the video might be easily affected by the smudges on the screen. This can be improved by just wiping the screen that would enhance the quality of video. Furthermore, a case can be used for the best protection of the phone against scratches and other external forces. The case is smooth and resists most dirt molecules.

Another video application that is popular is Mort Player. It is able to handle numerous formats, and you can easily listen to music using accessories. Moreover, the phone can be attached to an external sound system to get the home theatre like impact. This can easily be done with the help of 3.5 mm micro audio output port for the enhancement of the SRS surround sound system. There are other video applications that might be available in the market that might suit different video formats. You can select an application based your unique needs to play different video formats.

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